Car drivers

Why is it car drivers cant seem to keep on there side of the road? Went for a blast round Finchingfield and up to haverhill when i finished work. Within a space of an hour i had to dodge 5 cars who decided they wanted to drive on my side of the road as they came round the corner.

To be fair, it’s not all car drivers…I , along with loads of you guys , drive a car and can honestly say I’ve never caused a biker any problems.

Riding a bike makes you more aware of bikes when in the car…One week riding a bike as part of the car driving test??

That said, I got a roasting many years ago on Fulham Palace Road from a dude on a moped…Claimed I cut him up (which I hadn’t) and gave me the “car drivers don’t understand biking” Blah blah .Shut him up by pointing out that I rode an FJ1200 which was 24 times the size of his hairdryer;) Took of in a huff and a blue haze…:w00t:

i cant stand it when car drives always go around speedbumps and come on your side of the road when they do it:crazy:

Im guilty of that one myself but never when there is someone coming from the opposite direction, thats just stupid.

Im not so nieve to think that all car drivers are the same. Infact there is quite a few good ones out there who even indicate to tell you your clear to go past. I always give a thumbs up to people like that

same here its nice when car drivers let u pass:)

They didn’t have foreign plates did they? Sadly that’s what we have to keep an eye out for, mind you I have seen many bikers on the wrong side at times, taking the bend using ‘all’ of the road.
Not condoning ‘cager’s’ actions here mind you.:cool:


It’s good to rant. It gets it out your mind and off your chest but a bit dangerous to assume stereotypes from a few examples.

Twice on the easy commute I have this morning, white van drivers waved me by to let me go through 1, a width restriction barrier later followed by 2, a traffic island before they blocked my progress.

Do I assume from this that allwhite van drivers are good guys?

I don’t think so. Some are good, some are sh!t.

what about bike riders?

dont know about you but i spend half my time on the wrong side of the road in london…

That’s what I thought the empty bits were for.

Those bits and the motorcyle lanes. You know, the ones with “ghost islands” with dotted edges and white hatching marks?

Wednesday is ‘Arse Hole Driver Day’ m8…they all come out in mass.