Car drivers and their mobile phones

I find it more amazing than ever that still so many people are using their mobiles whilst driving. On Friday 16th, along Loampit Hill/Lane (A20), I spotted 6 drivers talking on their hand-held phone. The most alarming statistic was that they were 4 women, 1 van driver (no surprise there) and 1 HGV driver (no surprise there either). I was always led to believe that women had more common sense than men and were always the most law abiding. I guess I was taught wrong.

I rode past a woman as i was filtering and she was on her phone, i just shouted “why are you on your phone dont you know its illegal” just to make sure everyone else heard and she quickly put the phone away.

It`s my biggest hate of car drivers.

I work at dartford river crossing and there is a reduction in people using the phone whilst passing the booths as you can see them dropping the phones in their laps ,but as stop using whilst driving you have no chance, the law would have to be … you loose your license that will teach people.

But they can. It’s 3 points now, that can lead to licenses being removed.

It’s funny you mention it. It was a lady I saw yesterday on my short journey through Finchley, merrily chatting away on here mobile. A few more people just need to be caught and get points and hopefully word will spread.

Having said that, traveling above the speed limit is also against the law and can get you banned… I think some people still do it though

I had it this morning ! not only was the fella content with side swiping me when changing lane but after giving him the old two finger salute he peroceeded to force me off the road and ram me from the side smashing my wing mirror in the process,this carried on for about 1/4 of a mile at this point i decided to pull over and stop as this guy was intent i causing me some serious injurys !

I have seen a drop in phone use since the law changed a few weeks back, but the numbers talking is creaping back up.

Would you believe this guy a couple of days ago in a white van, on the phone reversing up the street outside school gates!!! When I looked at him he argued and argued as if it was me in the wrong. I should have known better than to try and get him to see the point. The sh*t.

Seriously? Some nutter was trying to knock you off? Surely you can report him or something?

I tend to report liveried vehicle drivers to their employers - I am just about to email Argos customer services about one of their phone using delivery drivers.

I tend to report liveried vehicle drivers to their employers - I am just about to email Argos customer services about one of their phone using delivery drivers.

You must have been not really popular at school…:confused:

Too shaken to take details ,ive seen the fella before driving very erratic in the mornings so i will be on my guard .and take some reg numbers,going on the way he does drive though i would be very surprised if he has the nessessary documnets to allow him on the road .

good on you there mate.
they think somehow they are exempt!.

Yeah, maybe Darryl will get you an OFFICIAL FINK badge…
(and yes, I support the mobile phones ban all the way and never use it without a handsfree set)

personally i find pulling up by the drivers windows and ‘accidentally’ pressing my thumb on my the button which activates my 136Db horn, and leaving it there until they put their phone down works wonders!!

Yeah, but when I was at school Argos didn’t deliver, and mobile phones hadn’t been invented!

I like that. Did you have to get special cables or adapt the battery to have a more powerful horn?

I was passing a cager on the M25 who was on their phone - I stayed next to them till they looked at me and then pointed for them to pull over (they must of actually thought i was a copper) so he started slowing down and moving towards the hard shoulder - when he was nearlly stopped i just rode off!

Are you really alowed to do that, as it could come under inpersianating a police officer which is not allowed.

I still found it funny.

typical Italian… Believing everything your mama told you…