Car Clipped!

Stupid Car driver this morning, I was sat at traffic lights on marylebone road - waiting for the lights to change… i dont know where the car to the rear right hand side of me was looking, but while on red - he shot forward clipping my right bar with his wing… He shat his pants - and was very apologetic. Must admit i was quite happy my bike had scratched his wing! next time he will be more aware whats around him!


glad you werent hit any harder, causing any damage to you or the bike.

we should make barends with spikes for such situations :w00t:

I even had a lady edge forward at the lights and squash my leg into the peg. She didn’t even know what she had done! :hehe:

Not been a good week all round, I had a woman drive into the back of me on Monday morning. Luckily it was in the car, if you can call it lucky.

I definately think Car drivers need to have more training on spacial awareness!!! On route home yesterday i had a car next to me at lights that seemed impossible to stop at lights - he just kept edging frward bit by bit - i was laughing by the time his car was FULLY across the lines! :hehe:

silly really!

Is it me - or have the cagers been getting even more dangerous than usual lately?

Well i am a fairly new rider - so am new to this view of the roads - but quite honestly i see cagers do dangerous things almost everyday!

Already doing them pal.

Glad it was nothing serious. Got to admit I was in a similar situation, my boot caught a car bumper and ripped it off. Ended up having to pay for a new bumber. £350. Teach me to filter properly - but I was trying to pic my stranded wife up from a school on the Isle of Dogs on the day the bombs went off.

Still here is to spiked bar ends!

I got a set of them bar ends…got them for the bug but never fitted them…they will defo be going on the hornet6 though:D

Nice aint they:P

I’ve noticed worse on the roads , they also now seem to be more " anti " biker when you filter past or up to the lights.

Had one guy this morning move out towards me to cut down the space to filter !!!

Just shows how much the c*nts envy us mate.

I drive a car and ride a bike but even before I passed my bike test I was always wary of bikers and always moved over for them. I couldn’t see the point of blocking their filtering access as they’d just pass further up the road or the other driver next to ya would let them through.
As a biker I’m always laughing at how crap their driving is…it’s more noticeable when I’m on the bike rather in the car. I think everyone should do further driving courses and everyone should also do a CBT course so they can see what its like on 2 wheels. Only then will people be more forgiven…perhaps!

if doing a cbt improves your driving how do you account for taxi drivers once theve done the knowledge and given up the scooter?

London is full of knob drivers, glad to see nothing bad came out of this.

Yep amazing really. I was stopped at a set of lights where the left filter lights went green - still red for right filter - and the dozy woman behind me seeing the cars next to her move off just ran into the back of my bike. :w00t: Cant imagine where she was looking or what she was doing and even worse that she didnt see me. Incredible. Some people just shouldnt be let out.

Recon it seems and is lot worse out there in winter because there are less bikes on the road and the cagers loose their awareness (if thats at all possible !!)

i got bumped from behind the other day while waiting to pull out of a side road, teh cars headlight bummped my left hand exhuast pipe, only slight nudge, looked behind me and the woman driver looked shocked! apologised and off i went no damage no fuss.

when i get people edging forward at the lights like that i give’em a good stare…Blip the throttle aggresivley helps:D

and i feel no ways about removing a wing mirror when cagers take the p*ss, as far as im concerned they are playing with my life, or at teh very least you could be injured…i wont have that.

You kept that one quite dude!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


i told him no…anyway he says im cute:D:P

lol :stuck_out_tongue: