Caption Competion?

:smiley: found this pic of me, tiggi and curtis earlier, the expressions are priceless:D

do your worst…:D:P



Ratty amazes Curtis with his knee down story’s. Tiggi looks bored shitless. :slight_smile:

Well I looked pissed off (doubt I was though), Curtis looks amazed and the guy to your right looks like he’s peeing himself laughing!! God knows what you were telling us!! :w00t:

Looks like Curtis is trying to play pocket billiards and realised he forgot his cue:laugh:

That guy looks like Joby in disguise:w00t::w00t:

He has just flicked the pink ball up into his gut :smiley:

Dawn has just said “You forgot my blood for the second time this week. . . you know what this means, I’ll have to bite Curtis’ balls again . . .”

Curtis is thinking “Fck that, it blooy hurt last time . . . she can get her own blood . . .”

Ratty is thinking “I’d better hide this smoothie before she thinks it’s blood . . .”

Seriously, last time I parked it here, that Pig jumped on my bike…

Curtis is shocked that despite wearing ‘camo’ trousers Ratty can still see and talk to him…

As Russell explains the theory behind his linear equation, Curtis is astounded that Russell has the ability talk about something other than knee down, tiggi on the other hand is trying to decide on the handbag or boots she saw at the weekend.

Tiggi found it difficult to act surprised when Ratty informed them of his new love…Men


:laugh::smiley: great response’s!! keep going!:smiley:

Ratty: Curtis … You Know you did say no to me having a go on your bike … well … er um … i dont really know how it happened … but er you see um … This alien came down and …

Tiggi rolls her sleeves up ready to smack Ratty if he calls Curtis gay one more time :smiley:

Curtis is shocked at the pig cutout sticking out of Ratty’s head whist Tiggi just thinks he’s being pig headed.

As the pitch climbed higher and higher and others around her began to wince in pain, Dawn began to regret judging a ‘who’s got the best falsetto singing voice’ contest.

Ratty says: “Listen guys, you won’t even know I’m there! I’ll just hide in the cupboard with my camera, and watch!” :w00t:

Yeah you see i had my knee down on Chiswick roundabout and i look in the mirror and i see the plasma bags bouncing behind me … so i get my knee down further and go back round scooping them up with my perfectly aligned knee and leg shaped scoop and then one handed i place them back in the box whilst goin back round for another look to make sure not missed any … Dont look at me … Honest Its the truth … aw cmonnnnnnnn guys …

“I know people usually use blood tranfers in operations, but trust me, this strawberry milkshake works just as well”.