Caption comp

i thought id add this photo of shane

you decide what hes doing

heres a member who is new havent seen him about can anybody tell me his name

and the one below is of kevsta (proper crimewatch photo)


The invisible man takes advantage of the unsuspecting Shane once more.

I can get another gobstobber in!!

he’s not a new member ginger… isn’t it john? dont wanna put his surname on here but he’s been tagged in the facebook pic… :smiley:

ok! were are the little boys:)

Mmmm, didn’t realise it tasted like that!!!

Oy you cheeky git, me a new member.

Shane practising for Westies party antics.

Kev, sorry mate but that is a pedo picture.:smiley:

Soooo weeeeee, weeeeee, weeeeeeee, here Piggy Piggy Piggy Piggy… damm I ain’t never gonna get a date fur Frahday naht!