Cant keep a good girl down as they say...

Hurrah - back on 2 wheels already!! My bike is still in bits, but have managed to borrow a mates so after a little nausea :sick:, grabbed me leathers and me lid, bit the bullet and went for a small ride this morning…:smiley:

How was it - shakey tbh :unsure:. Didnt think i would feel this weird as the smash wasnt that big and i was barely bruised. Hope this goes soon enough, wanna be back on the twisities having fun, rather than shittin me pants at 40km/hour!!! :w00t:

Is this normal??

Hi Alice, glad you’re up and about again :slight_smile:

I came off last July, nothing major and at lowish speed, broke my wrist, but it took me ages to get confidence back, I think it still affects me now to a degree. I’d only been riding for 6 days so didn’t have time to build up any experience or confidence.

Can’t offer any suggestions other than lots of miles :smiley: Get back on and ride as much as possible :cool:

Very normal Alice. But you have done the right thing in getting back in the saddle. Not long before you will be seeing 90kmh…:stuck_out_tongue:

I came off in April and broke 3 ribs, once I got out of hospital (later the same day), I got the bus to police station where the bike was, and rode to Infinity to get a new helmet and onto Slocombes to get a new brake lever.

Confidence was hit, but more than that I have been riding defensively as I don’t want to come off again and really screw up the ribs. Punctured lungs from what I hear are deeply unpleasant.

Try not to over analyse things, it will make you go insane (not a problem for me as I am already there). The only thing that you can do is learn from it, for me I am certainly more aware of road surfaces that I ever was.

My advice, take it easy and slowly build it up, you will eventually get back to were you where. And will be better for it.

Always a little wobbly the first few rides after an off. Soon get it out of the system though.

I cant offer any advice, I’ve only been riding for 5wks but just wanted to say well done you for getting back on :slight_smile:

It takes time to build up the confidence again - its human nature. But before long ull be fine and better than before - whatever doesn’t kill u after all! :slight_smile:

Well done girl for getting back on it!!!:smiley:

Great to hear you’re back out there. Take it easy, the confidence will come back with time :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you are OK! Also good on you for getting back on it. Yes it takes a while, but all good progress.

I think the quicker you get on the better.! But it does take time. I did a couple of days intense riding down the south coast and that did it for me. Well done for getting back on. Its summer!!!

It’s always a shame when you cant keep a good girl down… as they say… :stuck_out_tongue: ;)Glad to hear you’re up and about and not too damaged. After I broke my back a few years ago after being mashed by a car, I was back on the bike, albeit in a carpark wearing a neck brace after 9 weeks. People none too impressed with that, but hey ho.

Best thing to do is get back in the saddle and learn from your experience.

At least now you have a proper reason for a new bike!

My confidence was knocked after my crash at Brands too. I’m still a bit oooohh errrr on right handers but spending a day with Andrew&7 slowing things down and working on the riding instead of blatting everywhere has really helped.

You’ll probably find you make more progress after understanding the thought process, if you know what I mean. There was nowt wrong with your riding in the first place, but having that understanding helps with confidence.

good thing to do - get back on as soon as you can :slight_smile:

Such a shame. I always thought you had such a nice front end;):smiley:

I’m glad you are back on it, your confidence will come back in no time.

Don’t get too keen on Kawasaki’s though babe;):cool:

Glad to hear you’re back out again Alice, take your time and the confidence will return! :smiley:

Don’t worry Chunks, Alice has already told me she’s gonna by a '99 Gixxer 750, Its her way of saying that every time she has a good ride she’ll be thinking of me! :w00t:

glad you got back on two wheels that quickly - if its badly scratched i have a complete body panel set going cheap to help you sell it??

Glad you got back on - the feeling of WTF…goes in time


Good advice whether bike or horse. I had a couple of offs which left me feeling furious with myself for being a prannet, got straight back on and worked that out.