Can't adjust throttle freeplay


Street Triple 2010. Have no throttle free play. The throttle goes on (ie revs) when on full lock to the opposite side. This is mostly just annoying (revving pedestrians when parking) but would like to get sorted. Triumph (it was in for a service and they spotted this) said there is no adjustment left. That’s odd because they are the standard bars with no risers. I guess (but do not know) it is the original cable. What do I do? Buy a new throttle cable? Easy enough to find one, but how do I know it is long enough? Can it ever be too long?


so many innuendo’s in that sentence I’m struggling not to say anything here!

I’d start with the cable, cheap enough, if you get one for your bike the cable should be cut to the right lengths as I’d expect it to have nipples each end! (more innuendo’s right there!!).

ha. thanks. It it easy? I have replaced a clutch cable before, but throttle slightly intimidating.

I’d be comfortable doing it on my bikes but mostly because I’ve had them ages and stripped them down alot.

@nivag I think has done the throttle on his street triple so might be worth seeing what he says?

If the bike’s revving when you turn the bars it would imply that the throttle cable is too tight rather than stretched & too loose.

You should have some free play in the cable, try backing off the adjustment.

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yes it is that, but Triumph claimed no adjustment left (I don’t know why)

I haven’t changed the throttle on my Speed Triple.

I’d check the cable is routed the correct way. Have you added anything new to the bike, like heated grips, satnav holder. Anything that might get in the way of the cable.

it has heated grips, but they were there when I got it from the same dealer as just looked at it. The grips don’t appear to interfere. Nothing else that would affect. The dealer already looked at the routing etc.

I guess it is possible someone before replaced the cable (though I don’t know why they would) and with one not quite the right length.

Yeah sounds like the cable’s been routed poorly, like up the left side of the forks instead of the right side

OK. Following up because this is now fixed. Apparently, the throttle cable had been stretched internally and would no longer function correctly. This was not obvious from inspection, because the exterior cable case was in good order (with spare adjustment). Second garage diagnosed that this had likely been overstretched by mistake when the air box was put back on at the recent service. They were only able to fix the problem by installing a new cable, which fortunately I had bought (from AS3 Performance) and left with them, thinking that might be necessary. Annoying, and a cost, but pleased it is sorted (especially looking at used bike prices right now). Thanks for input.