Canon Powershot G5 Semi Pro Camera (5Mp) + Wide Angle attachment etc - £50

This camera has been with me all over the place.
Most recently to Box and Brighton on the Confidence Rideout (see photo I took with it here & here)

It come with wide angle lens attachment which give it a minimum focal length of about 28mm (in old money).

The screen folds out which is great for protection and getting the camera into awkward positions whilst still being able to see the what you’re shooting.

I will include a Viking lens cleaning kit.

The battery is not what it once was (used to last for ages), and needs recharging more often these days. It is a little dated by today’s standards.
But it is a great camera and has served me very well and I recently bought a simple, 5Mp point & shoot for £65, so I just want to make some of my money back.

I still have the original box with instructions and CDs.
The charger plugs directly into the camera as does a USB cable (no need to remove battery or CF card).

Rundown of features:

  • 5.0 Megapixel CCD
  • 4x optical zoom Lens with fast f/2.0 aperture
  • 12 shooting modes (including full manual)
  • High performance DIGIC processor
  • FlexiZone AF/AE for precise focus and exposure point control
  • Hotshoe for Speedlite flash units
  • Thread for attaching a tripod

For a full list of specs, check the Canon site -

I can bring it to the Borough Market meet or The Ace.

£50 and it’s all yours :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking,

(PS. the bottle of Cachaça was purposefully added to give the gossips something to talk about and BUMP this ad :wink: )