Canary Wharf Parking and best route

Hi Guys,

1st off all this my be a little early but i might have a 6mth contract there.

so 2 questions.
1st Is it easy to get a parking space in the car parks? What time do they get full?

2nd best route, I live in Edgeware Near the A41/M1 j4.

Route 1 down the A1 to the city and to the Wharf from there.
Route 2 round the A406 down the A12 or A13 ?

Or is there other routes which are quieter/faster?

thanks a mill guys


I do Stanmore to the Wharf daily.

On the way in I do A41, Hendon, Finchley Road, Avenue Road, Regent’s Park, Euston, Old St, Aldgate, Commercial Road, Limehouse Link.
Going home, I do the same to Old St., then up the Holloway Road, A1, A406, A1M, A41…

I usually leave before 6.30am so the traffic is light enough & I can do it in ~40-45 mins. Getting home through rush hour takes 45-60mins.

I try to cycle it 1-3 days a week also - do the A5 right down to the Euston Road - takes 1:05ish in & 1:15ish home (surprisingly hilly coming out of the city!)


I usually do 406 around, be carefull with parking, use locks and chain as security cameras means nothing. my mate parked onder the cam and CW security said they can’t help after the theft :frowning:

Edgware? That’s my old stomping ground! I grew up there :slight_smile:

I now live in Borehamwood and commute to CW as well.

I used to do the Finchley Road/Regents Park route, but actually find the A1 is actually slightly quicker (if you do the back route to avoid Henly’s Corner).

So I go along the A1, thru Hampstead Garden Suburb, Archway, down the Holloway Road, Canonbury Road, New North Road, Great Eastern St, Commercial Rd, Commerical St, Limehouse Link.

Takes about 40mins starting at 6:40am

What bike do you ride? Probably crossed paths…

The A12 has an olympic lane. Not sure about the A13.

Parking is piss easy and costs £2 per day. You might want to look at a 6 month pass tbh…

Waitrose level one parking gets full by 8/8.30 depending on the weather but there’s always loads of room on level 2. Every bay in the secure bike area has a ground anchor/rail plus there are cameras and guards (better than nothing).

I have my own car park so cant help. But sounds like there’s loads of us at CW! :w00t:

great thanks guys,

i need to got to the wrong side off the river in the morning so will try the regent park route.

maybe one friday we can meet and head to ace ??

hi guys,
spoke to the company and my names on the waiting list for a bike space. 129th…might be waiting a while.

so Waitrose it is, 40 a month not bad. going to take my new non iron shirts in a back pack each day and leave my suits there.

my bike will be the fz6 with duck tape all over the front fairing :smiley:

4 weeks in and my routes are sorted,

in the morning Edgware, A41, A1 city A13 Limehouse (did the regents park route but dont like the A40 near kingcross)

(thanks to a cager in the office) Way home. A13, A406, A41 easier fitering and the traffic at the moment is light. May change once schools open

thanks a mill guys for all your help

Make sure you lock your bike up even at Canary Wharf. There was a spate of motorcycle thefts in the underground car parks last year even with the ‘security’ there.

Canary Wharf is surrounded by the crime riddled borough of Tower Hamlets. Don’t become complacent.

Thanks for the tip John,