Can you?

I know when you build your own bike you get a Q plate… My question is can you have a personalised plate put on instead?

No mate, Q plates cannot have another reg transferred to them, neither can the Q go elsewhere. its Q for life :slight_smile:

Cheers for that, looks like i wont bother with getting that plate then :hehe:

I could do it a naughty way using my current frame number as i could take that bike off the road with the use i have planned for it but i dont like the risk of losing the bike im building

Things change a lot over the years, but it used to be quite legal to notify the registration authorities of and engine change and simply give them the new engine number. The fact that the engine was from a different maker was entirely forgetable. You just used the existing VIN (then frame) number and reg. documents and retained the old plate attached to that.

Don’t know what you had planned, but it might still be doable if you stick precisely to the information the DVLA provide.

If it’s something a little more radical this may not help.

Well i have a devtech race frame which doesnt have a VIN number so i have to take that to the DVLA to get it checked and have a VIN given for it. Its that or take my current bike off the road and use the VIN for that for my bike im building. Im not going to be using the bike i have now on the road once i have brought my streetfighter next year and the bike im building will be put on the road as well but having the possibility of riding my current bike on the road if i need to could be an advantage so im abit reluctant in cheating the system, that and i dont realy want the risk of losing the bike that i build cause i cut a corner

Could you get it registered abroad in, say, Germany?