Can you recommend a good cheap battery for my GSX-R750?

My battery seems to have died (no attempts at restoring it using my charger worked) so I need a new one. The Yuasa MF YT12A-BS that I had until now, although good, costs more than I’m willing to spend at the moment.

Can you recommend something that’s decent and costs around the £25-35 mark? Maybe someone has an old one they are willing to sell for a reasonable amount of money? Thanks in advance!

Powerline brand works perfectly fine.

This site has a wide price range choice of batteries - double check the size and power when ordering to make sure it’s correct for your bike

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I don’t know if it’ll work by on my adventure the yuasa was over £100 but if you bought one from a Honda bike / dealer they were nearly half price… For some reason Honda subsidise the cost it would seem. Just need to find a Honda that has this battery