Can you recommend a bike alarm fitter?

I’m hoping to get a new bike soon and I’m looking for any personal recommendations of individuals, or companies, that fit bike alarms. I need to protect my new pride-and-joy!I know there are some guys here at LB, but I’m being cautious and would love to hear some personal recommendations from anyone who’s had one fitted. Not trying to cause any offence here and I’d much prefer to use someone on LB. I’m sure you know where I’m coming from :slight_smile: - there seem to be so many bikes nicked these days and I want to improve my chances of keeping it.

So please post a message here or send me a PM if you can. Thanks in advance.

Charlie is a top guy!! - Info here!

If you are looking for a Meta Alarm we have a top man who does it and have never had a problem! :slight_smile:

Good mate of mine Paul fits Meta bike alarms & also does trackers etc - takes a lot of pride in his work, has his own company & is fully mobile :slight_smile:

07770 794445

not wishing to deprive anyone of any work, my mate bought a hawk alarm and immobiliser and we fitted it in a couple of hours. Neither of us are particularly well versed in electrics, but with a soldering iron and shrink wrap we got it sorted.

Was a lot easier than we thought amd bloody good fun.

I much prefer the Data Tool alarm I had on my 749 against my meta that came on my R1. I allways tell them to set the sensitivity real low, so it only go’s off if it is moved NOT when a lorry passes. Sadly an alarm will not stop them taking your bike, they use refrigerator vans which greatly subdues the noise whilst they disconnect the alarm. They pick up the bikes with scaffold bars through the wheels so disc lock etc are a waste of time. I watched a documentry on bike theft and how they load the bike into the van in less than a minute. My advice is dont leave it parked on the road, if you have to, then a pager alarm would be a good buy, and allways park it near people/cameras. My friends bike was stolen by an SOS motorcycle recovery van on sloane street so no one thought anything strange was going on. SAD TIMES

If your after a datatool alarm (I had a system 4 fitted on my R6 - which was brilliant) their website has a listing of authorised dealers in the area by simply putting in your postcode.

The important thing is insurance companies will not recognise an alarm unless its been fitted by a qualified engineer. So little to no point in fitting it yourself, even if it is easy.

Ya can sometimes go through yer insurance companies and get it discounted etc.

thats fair enough, but we was fitting it to act as a deterrent to the local chavs, not to reduce his insurance.i had my datatool 3 fitted by an engineer and i think he done a crap job, altho the alarm itself has been fine, ive checked insurance with and without it and there is not much difference in my experience.

Thanks for that. I appreciate your recommendations.

I can personally recommend Liam at The Alarm Shop, 110 Balls Pond Road, Islington in North London. He’s on 020 7241 5680 and is fully qualified Datatool and Tracker technician.I’d advise you get a Tracker fitted to accompany the alarm so as to protect your (very desirable) investment. But don’t mention any of your security on here or any other public forum.

Liam’s a top bloke, been in the business for over 20 years, rides a special edition R1 and his son rides an R1 too…All good in my book.

Thanks again for all these recommendations. I called Charlie Keller in the end because of several LB recommendations and he’s in my area of London.

I thoroughly recommend Charlie to anyone looking for a bike alarm and similar equipment. He really knows his stuff and did a really professional job. I was anxious about letting anyone near my new bike, but the quality of Charlie’s work is top drawer.

hi, am in the process of contacting Charlie to get a datatool system 4 fitted to my new (well '03 CBR6F) bike, does he prefer you to go to his garage? or is he mobile? dont really want to do too much work on the bike out in the open in my area, attracts too much attention from the chavs

have just spoken to Charlie about getting some work done.

He’s a very popular man (MUST be good)