Can you name these bikes?

Make and model please:)

Good Luck




Erm only perhaps vaguely.

  1. is it some kinda of Honda NR or NC 400 type thing?
  2. THink it’s the Yamaha impression of the Triumph Bonneville from a few years ago
  3. The Honda 6 cylinder
  4. Aprilia Capranord or somesuch name.
  5. Some skanky old wreck from the 70’s

So that’ll be nil points for me then.:cool:

Almost right Andrew… You get 1 point:cool:

Very poor attempt here1 0W01

2 KAWA W650

3 BENELLI something

4 Aprilia Caponord

5 No idea,maybe Suzuki GT something

Be gentle:w00t:

3 rightish;)


kawa w650

benelli 750 SEI

Aprilia Caponord

Suzuki GT 250


I’ll try the makes not models


Royal Enfield


Benelli sport


Make and model required:)

Okay, I’ll have a go …

  1. Yamaha FZR 600 (I think)
  2. Japanese “Bonneville lookalike” for sure … could be called anything!
  3. Benelli 750 SEI
  4. Aprilia for sure … Tuono perhaps?
  5. Yamaha RD250 (I think … possibly Suzuki GT250)

… am I close?

fzr750r owo1


laverda 650???

cagive elefant

suzuki x7?

1 right:)

2 right:)

owo1 750

Kawasaki w650

Benelli 750 sei (6)


Suzuki GT500

Caponard…got the spelling wrong…


Another one who doesn’t read questions;)

what did i miss…Yamaha fzr 750 OWO1

Kawasaki W650

Benelli 750 Sei

Aprilia Capronard

Suzuki GT 750…

Make and model duly supplied…

Do you wanna double check what you just put?:wink:

Yamaha fzr 750 OWO1 Kawasaki W650

Benelli 900 Sei

Aprilia Capronard

Suzuki GT 380