Can you name an unmarked White Police traffic offence van?

It just so happened that an unmarked white police van with lots of cameras and screens in the front, and yes it was a coppers van as two coppers were sitting in the front seat, decided to park up right next to me.

Now I made a mental note of the Licence plate number, cause you know the police tend to buy in bulk. For instance if you look at a lot of police vehicles that are parked up, their licence plate numbers will tend to be very similar as they were bought and registered at the same time.

So the question is, can I tell you guys what the plate was, so that you can keep an eye out and just incase if you see any vans with a similar plate number ahead of you or parked up in places you weren’t expecting you can maybe adjust your driving accordingly? Or is that breaking some sort of rule?

i think a mod would probably be the best person to ask bud

could pm one maybe?

It’s a regular thing on another forum I use. They have been doing it for over a decade, and there are quite a few police on that site, and as far as I know there has never been any problems or trouble over it.

thing is though that by the time most will be in a position to read and connect that plate with the van … anyoffence you may have committed is already on camera …

Why does it bother you? were you doing something wrong??

i should think there would be no problem with that, its a free country?

I’m pretty sure that when enforcement such as this takes place, the council responsible for the area where the speed cameras or camera vans are located should publish this information (usually on the council’s website).

I’m not sure if this a best practice thing or whether they are obliged to do so.

Can’t hurt to check the borough’s site.

the number plates are displayed for all to see… it’s basically public knowledge.