Can you learn to drive an articulated lorry in a week?

I have a week (well actually 6 days) of leave which I have to take before Christmas. So I fancied learning to drive a truck, apparently they make some nice Volvo trucks.

Can this be done in a week and how much would it cost?

doesn’t look like it

courses go from one to twelve weeks, if you’re the typical Volvo car driver i reckon you’d struggle to do it in the twelve… :slight_smile:

Did a bus in a week don’t see why not.

Ooh what do you think would be more useful? A bus or a Truck?

Not a chance. You need to do your theory & have a medical. Both will take time to find bookings for. Once youve got your provisional licence from DVLA (more time) the actually “hands on” training (when I did it) takes 4 days with the test on the last day. If youre use to driving 7.5t’s, youve a fair chance of passing first time. If not, its a different ball game and you may need several attempts. Its a bit like trying to pass your car test with no experience.
That will get you your class 2. Many places will advertise that you can then do your Class 1 shortly after (&inc in the price) but I would strongly recommend against it. Take time to get used to driving class 2’s and build up some experience. You will also need to understand tacho rules & regs. UK working time directives, EU working time directives. A roadside pull by vosa can result in an on the spot fine (£100) for minor infringements.

one thing to remember is you are not learning to drive, you are learning how to drive a bigger vehicle. once you pass your rigid test you send your license away for that entitlement to be put on your license. when you get it back, it automatically gives you your provisional license to drive an articulated vehicle. that could be a lorry and drag (rigid lorry and trailer) or an articulated lorry. I past my rigid test on Christmas eve, then past my artic test on the 20th of January. the following week i was pulling 44 tons up and down the country :w00t:

if my memory is correct , the theory test for busses is slightly harder than lorrys, not a problem if you do your home work.

Do we really want to see Joby driving a bus? A truck is the way to go. :Whistling:


We have now seen the Volvo advert with the splits. Chris will do that if you & Rosso drive the lorries.

PS Rosso you are a superhero for your driving ability but you knew that anyway:D

Fair play for doing both back to back Rosso. I still wouldn’t recommend it but each to their own.

Ask these chaps

I did what was then HGV III across 2 weeks (the government was paying) took a week off and then passed the HGV I for artics after a single week (I was paying). But I never learned to drive them: I just learned how to pass the tests. I hated it as a job, just as boring as driving a car up the motorway and more complicated to reverse, especially in town. I still go for medicals every 5 years so I can keep the licence but I hope I never have to do it again.

the thing was I had a job driving a FH 12 Globetrotter but only held a car license , so I had to get a class 1 asap. One thought about doing both tests back to back is that you will still remember the things you learnt from the first test, which may help you with the second test. The driving school I was with wanted me to do the articulated test with a lorry and trailer, as I could of used the same rigid lorry, just with a trailer attached. I opted for the artic though. I have even thought about doing the instructors exam , but instructors don’t exactly earn that much money.

PS Rosso you are a superhero for your driving ability but you knew that anyway:D


yeah I know, is this where I put I picture up of my truck lying on its side in a ditch :Whistling:

“yeah I know, is this where I put I picture up of my truck lying on its side in a ditch”

For real!? Lol.

To learn how to operate one, I dont see why not.
To be licensed to drive one, no way.

yes unfortunately, it was easter week 4 or 5 years ago. north of perth on a country lane and I was heading for wick!! it was rebuilt twice as scania in Scotland made a total balls up fixing it, they never even bothered to straighten the chasey . it should of been a write off . got a Volvo now but its not been as good as was hoped so who knows whats next.

The LB trucker cabal out and about yesterday:


^^^ Quality video :smiley:

  1. Get medical for occupational driving and then apply to DVLA for provisional HGV entitlement (you can request provisional PCV entitlement at same time if you want, as there’s no additional cost);

  2. Book & sit your Theory and Hazard Perception Tests at a DVLA test centre (Theory is a piece of p155 and mostly common sense. Hazard Perception test is a joke);

  3. Book & sit your Module 2 assessment… you can do this at the same time as above (This is a computer case study test covering ridiculously easy questions like 'You are feeling tired on a long motorway drive. Should you (a) turn up the heating, (b) open a window to get some fresh air, © pull over and murder a prostitute, etc etc);

  4. Book your practical training which will incorporate your Module 4 training as well (This YouTube vid shows what’s involved in Mod 4). If you do this practical training in a week, you’ll likely train from Mon-Thurs and sit your tests on the Friday.

If you break it into 3 chunks (No.1 (above), then No.2&3 together, followed by 4), it’s easier. Although the practical training is over 4 days, you’re teamed up with another trainee, so you really only get to driver for half the time. Then many of the instructors are a mixed bag. My PCV instructor was a lazy c**t who turned up half and hour late every morning, 15 min tea-breaks became 45 mins, and 45 min lunch-breaks became 85 mins. On the other hand, my Class 2 man was brilliant. Class 1 was ok. HIAB and ADR instructors were a waste of space. So sometimes your 2 days of training actually becomes around a day & a half at best. :angry: It’s a means to an end though, and your ticket to plenty of available work. I’ve just dumped a bus driving job and am doing a bit of driving around some other work I’m doing. Despite a lack of much experience in HGV work, one agency can give me plenty of work whenever I want it. Good luck with it! :cool: