Can we get stickers?


Please Jay???


And metal pin badges? (because you’re probably not that busy with the new site or anything)


And keyfobs :wink:


Yes! They’re long overdue! Now that we have this wonderful new site that I don’t have to spend all my spare time developing and fixing bugs on, I’ll have more time to do constructive things like this :slight_smile: Watch this space!


I’m happy to help on this if you need an extra pair of hands Jay


Is this the bit where someone asks if we can have patches for the back of our jackets


Nah we are London bikers, so we want stickers for our MacBook :joy::joy:


I still have a keyfob in it’s wrapper from the last logo


what about Armbands ?


for the fording, that makes a lot of sense actually


Arm bands may have been useful when I laid the Bonne’ down half way across Nounsley Ford when it was in flood :frowning:


Neck gaiters please


Tissot watches with logo fascia.

And socks!



what about the people who don’t wear a watch ?


I’ve given second option - socks.



I still have a pair of LB boxers. they’re actually one of my favourites.


Fuck right off with that idea


Cool, no swear filter :slight_smile: