Can we do polls?

Jay, is it possible to start a poll on LB? On MCNNINJAS.CO.UK there is a ‘poll’ feature which is quite useful. It allows someone to post a question and the respondents to click an answer from a predetermined set of choices.

Its also brings in a few laughs as well as some polls are quite fun. er…apologies to the girls. This one was mine…once again…sorry. Its just an example. lol


There is a solid idea here by the way…honest

They are cool, but they’re not supported by the forum software. There’s a new version coming out soon with them in, but I would have to go to considerable effort to get them to integrate with our custom site software. Things like this are on the horizon at some point though, I know we have some nice things that others don’t, but also some things are missing.

No prob mate.

You’ve done a great job. You should maybe think about doing something with computers for your career…

Nah, I hate computers really, they take up all my bloody time!

Do they reallllllly Jay!!! He he he…