Can Someone Recommend Parking in Leicester Square?

I’m looking to ride there tomorrow and need somewhere secure to park up. I’m thinking an underground car park, but which one? I’ve been burnt before by irate NCP car park attendants.


When I go up town I usually park in the bay (Westminster Council) opposite the back doors of Charing Cross Police Station in Chandos Place. Loads of Police continually passing and has always been safe for me so far. I’m sure it now has bars at the back for the use of chains also.

As to underground car parks, well nearby you have Newport Place and also Brewer Street.

Top man, thanks mate.

get Broady to babysit ya bike…he does nuffin all day :D:D

True :slight_smile:

You cheeky old sod!!! I was going to offer to put it in our basement car park,mean leaving me with the keys though:D

PM sent Jay.

hey Broady, can I have access to your carpark…every weekday though, lol

I normally park by the police station too. Normally a few slots free once the work crowd has gone home.

make sure you do lock it tho. a courier mate of mine had his knackered old africa twin stolen from round there.

And bear in mind you’ll have to negotiate Westminster’s Parking Fee. It’s easier to do it on the net from home before you go than trying to use a mobile by the side of the road.

Thanks all!

You are kidding? All you have to do is send a text. Very simple.

If you’ve already registered, right?