Can I straighten this rim?

Got a T100 front rim that had a little collision. Thinking of levering it back into shape, maybe using a press and a suitably shaped dolly.

Any thoughts? Anybody in London that can do this? Anybody done similar?



I know some people that have used this company

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OK, thanks. I may be looking to bent it back into shape first. Asked a few companies today and all of them said they would replace the rim but the cost is the same as a secondhand front wheel.

I will find a bending method and give it a go.


Motoliner are the best. I’ve used them.

I’ve known quite a few people use with great results. Not used them personally.

That looks like it’s still round, and you’ve just flared the walls of the rim. I’m not sure there’s a company that’d be up for just bashing it back into place over replacing with a whole new rim, but I’d expect that you can do a decent job yourself for the cost of a heavy soft-faced mallet and an hour or so. This sort of thing: BlueSpot Double Soft Face Mallet (35mm) - Machine Mart - Machine Mart

If the soft hammer ruins the chroming or if it doesn’t just hammer back to straight (and how well it does that depends on how the metal’s deformed in being splayed like that) then it’s unlikely anyone will fix it without ruining the chrome finish and it’s new rim time anyway.

Thanks and good thoughts.

I think I am going to press it back into shape with a press and some plastic or wood to cushion the metal.

i had similar on a not spoked wheels, and when i had the tyre changed, they tapped the bend out for me. Reads motorcycles in london colney did it if you want an adult, but he said to just use a soft mallet to tap it back

Another vote here for maidstone motoliner. They worked miracles on my bent forks.