Can i ride my 125 with my CBT licence on the 2 lane road that goes into london from the M4 on the seperate Motorcycle and bus lane ?


the section of road im talking about is between the M4 exit for Southall and the Hammersmith flyover
it has a special lane which has red/orange coloured Tarmac .

i usually go via the A4 to shepards bush but i have to keep stoping and starting and i want to get there faster hence this question:)

this picture shows the section of road after the section im concerned with

any help would be excllent thanks

To the best of my knowledge, the give away would be the colour of the road signs on the elevated part or on the slip roads leading up to the elevated section. If they are green ‘A’ roads then yes you can use it. If they are blue ‘motorway’ then Noooooo. I understand that the red tarmac indicates a bus lane. Does that bus lane give dispensation for bikes? Don’t forget, not all bus lanes allow bikes in them.

Thanks for the reply Rob

i cant remeber the colour of the sign
but i do remeber it having a picture of a Coach and a motorbike on it

does anyone know what colour it is

thanks again

Use google streetview if possible

I would say no if you’re a learner - although the bus lane allows bikes, it’s motorway until you’re past Chiswick and you ain’t allowed on a motorway with L plates

It’s after Chiswick - and from this pic it’s A4, so fine…,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.491097,-0.232644&spn=0,359.98071&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.491123,-0.232844&panoid=ostKTXwDLvZLn7f05mwyzg&cbp=12,79.24,,0,5

Your photo shows the Hammersmith flyover which doesn’t have any red tarmac or bus lanes. It’s part of the A4 so you are fine on there.

Your question though, included part of the M4 starting at Southall which does have red tarmac for the (in)famous M4 bus lane which bikes and taxis can also use. You can’t use the M4 at all because of your L plates.

Thanks for your replys everyone

i think your correct i cant ride there
seems like s stupid question now

great idea Alex gold

the section of road im on about is here

View Larger Map

although people have clarified the answer i feel i should have clarified the question more
hence the above links

i guess i cant ride there as its part of the m4


Never do that - he’s got a big enough head as it is :smiley:

You could ask Devsta - he knows all about L Plates on Motorways:)

No you can’t !

Unless you’re sure you won’t get caught… then you can do anything.

The bus lane is for motorcycles, buses and taxi’s. You cannot access the motorway on an L plate, therefore its a no go for under 50cc’s and L plates!

As said above…no ‘L’ plates on Motorways.

Dave and I did see a bloke on a 500cc with ‘L’ plates on the M4 yesterday going West. Stoopid eejit.

Hehe… I was biting my tongue and being sooooooooooooo good and then you go and say it anyways!

Good man :smiley: