Can I post a link to my new blog on here?

I’ve gone a started a wee little blog, tracking my progress as a newbie biker, documenting stuff I’ve learnt and what gear I liked etc. Am I allowed to stick a post on here to plug it?

no. :laugh:

Maybe you could give us a clue how to find it :wink:

Course you can. My blog is attached to my sign on - not that I update it much.


My blog has lost momentum.

I was of course joking. Blog away. :slight_smile:

Of course you are. Ignore Alba, she’s being silly. Please post a link.

Well, if you’re going to be like that, maybe I wont tell you about my new blog! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, just wanted to double check, some places get a bit finicky about plugging links and what not.

Anyway, blog is Beginner Biker Adventures. Just a basic blog, about me starting out from scratch, stuff I’ve learnt, stuff I did and stuff I found useful along the way. I’m doing the blog a little after the fact, so some of the early posts are more retrospective and I’m still filling in some gaps. Not the fanciest looking blog yet, still in the process of sorting out a nice header/logo. Can’t decide between some sort of silhouette of the city skyline & and bike, or a bit of a montage of distinctive details of bikes and London land marks. Anyway, have a gander, and let us know what you reckon, feel free to slag us off give feedback. :slight_smile:

Arfa, do you really mean a motorbike is the FASTED transport across London or do you mean the FASTEST?

Had a quick scan through the blog - good stuff - it is good to capture those things while you are thinking about them…

Where’s it say ‘fasted’…?


The headline at the top of the first item.

ahhh - never mind - I MUST have been mistaken :wink: