Can I check congestion charge?


I think I went into the congestion zone in the car today but I’m not 100%. looking on the TFL website I can pay but it will not tell me if I did or did not go into the zone.

Not wanting to give them any free money, is there anyway I can enter my reg and check if I need to pay up or not?

I did have 2 sat nav’s on at the time (don’t ask) neither said I’d entered it but I don’t trust either on that front if I’m honest.

Nope, there is no way to check AFAIK.

Looks like you can call them or set up auto pay … for a fee…

cheer Hog. I’ll call them tomorrow then. I’d rather pay the extra £2.50 for late payment than give them £11.50 for no reason. I think it sucks that without calling them you cannot check to see if you need to pay or not…

Looks like you can call them or set up auto pay .. for a fee.. banman
Cheers Ban you put that up as I was typing. I'll call tomorrow.

Does you satnav record your route through the day? Maybe you can check on that where you went and if it fell within the zone. I know when I plug my Garmin back into 'puter, it shows all my recent travels within BaseCamp. 

You would normally drive over cross two red circles with a white c in the middle. Where exactly do you think you entered?

If there’s even a small chance you’ll drive into the congestion charging zone during the year you should register for auto pay. £10 for the whole year and it’s all taken care of. Same with the Dart Charge.

Incidentally if you drive to Ireland and use the M50 toll and don’t pay, the fine will come to the UK in the post. Their system works for UK and ROI plates due to the proximity of the NI border.

i’m fairly sure if you didnt go through the congestion zone yesterday, it wont let you pay retrospectively.  

So I’ve just called them, They cannot do a search on my car to see if I entered or not!

What an absolute crock! If I entered and don’t pay they will pursue me, but if I wanted to check if I went into the zone or not they cannot check. So I either pay the bill or don’t and hope I did not go in there. Seems a little unfair to be honest…

That is what governments are for… fucking you in the ass.

Had a further look and someone’s tried to get this info using freedom of information act here’s the outcome

“…we do not hold the information you have requested because
Transport for London (TfL) does not provide early feedback on whether or
not a vehicle has entered the Congestion Charging Zone. The images
captured by the Congestion Charging cameras are not downloaded and
reviewed until after midnight on the day after travel. Images of vehicles
that paid the Charge are automatically deleted at this stage in line with
Data Protection policy. This means that once a motorist has paid, it is
not possible for us to determine whether or not that particular vehicle
travelled within the Zone. Only the images of vehicles that have not paid
the Congestion Charge are retained for enforcement purposes and a Penalty
Charge Notice is issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle.”

cheers ban.

Turns out you can view your history via waze online so had a copy of my route and I could see I did not enter it.

sounds like a major loop whole to me there! so you pay then they deny anyway of being able to prove either way…

Pah. Read their description carefully and sounds to me they designed things with this in mind.