Can anyone with a van spare a few hours tomorrow after 4pm?

As usual I have left it to the last minute and it is too late to book one of those man and a van combos. It will be going from St Johns Wood to Muswell Hill (close to Highgate)

And let me know what rates are like


A throughly confused chocfawn

Actually I can do earlier than 4pm if that is more convenient


An increasingly desperate chocfawn

give me a ring if you are really stuck sweetheart…ive got a VW transporter…

what do you have to move?.. any real big stuff might not go in

ive got to see someone in the morning but can make it as early as possible

bugger… I’m actually not at work today so would have been happy to come lend a hand (without a van!) but I’ve pulled my bloody back grrrrr.


Thanks all

Watch the back Matt

i hope you got it sorted ok choccy