can anyone recommend a single breakdown insurance policy for car & bike

can anyone recommend a single breakdown insurance policy whcih covers the driver/rider of any car or bike?

RAC breakdown covers you no matter what vehicle you are in apart from commercial ie trucks :slight_smile:

+1 thats what I use, had to call them a few times over the years, always been first class for me:)

Have overseas cover too:)

+2 Top chaps and always very helpful.:cool:

Add me to the list.

Aint had to use them very often but they didn’t cause any grief when I needed them while riding a borrowed bike despite the prime vehicle being my daughters car.

I’ve had RAC cover for years, two drivers myself and the wife, any vehicle costs us around £100 per year.

The only things I will say is that the service guys can be a bit hit and miss with bikes, most know very little, and will either try their best or do nothing at all (which to be honest is fine). Recovery can also be a bit of a lottery too, as many of their recovery agents won’t recover a bike. Those that do, some know what they are doing, some don’t. Some don’t have a clue how to strap a bike down on a flatbed.

But that could be said about most breakdown services, unless you get a dedicated bike one, and that would not do what he asked in the first place.

yup RAC are good value and cover you in whatever you are travelling in, within reason of course :slight_smile:
not sure coaches/tanks qualify for example


This is true. I’m just reporting it as I see it. It works for us, we’ve been members for over 20 years.

Also RAC policy used to be to send a van first and then only a recovery vehicle if it needs it. This can keep you waiting for a fair time. Last time they told me they were equipping their vans with bike carriers, but I don’t know if they have done, I’ve not needed their services for 3 or so years.

The AA has worked fine for me but I’m currently using separate policies as it works out cheaper for getting cover in Europe (only needed for the car).

For a bike I’ve only ever needed to call them out for a puncture. Always got my cars working.

RAC for me too. Only had to use them for the car so far.