Can anyone recommend a decent digital tyre pressure gauge?

As per the title, I am in the market for a good digital pressure gauge, went out the other day and bike felt proper weird. LOL

Thanks - Sunny.

Look on auto express website (yes I know, for cars zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ) but they do reviews on this kind of thing and seem to remember them doing one not all that long ago.

There, even went to the trouble of finding the page for you

Overboost I don’t know the best gauge out there but if you want the correct tire reading stay away from Oxford Digi stuff they change there PSI reading depending on any and everything I have yet to see one that gives the same correct reading every time.

bigSV you are the DADDY!

DaArtist - cheers pal, I’ve also heard the Oxford ones are naff.

Thanks pal!


The Halfords Proffesional one is only about a tenner, and as good as they get for acceptable money.

I’ve got a Halfords one dangling from my keyring. Can’t remember how much but it was between 5 and 10 quid. And it does match the reading on the footpump I also bought, as I don’t trust the pumps in garages.

Ditto Choccie’s remarks, PB did a thing on them and reckoned the £6 Halfords keyring jobbie was fine, so I got one and it is. I do check it against other gagues and it has never lied. PSi Only, but it is £6 only…

is this one reliable?

i got one from halfrauds it measures psi and bar spot on tool

I sell these and you are right. It is ****…but it’s cheap!

JB, it’s probably accurate enough for use but I think I shall be investing in the halfords one.

Lets face it, on the road, 1psi isnt really going to affect the handling so that we’d notice. For you and your track days, I would go for one that is reputably accurate, get a halfords one.

I bought one from Tesco, half price… £3 AND IT TELLS THE TRUTH… at least that is what I keep tellin myself B’ha. I bet the local garage pump can’t be much more accurate!

I`d take it back to Tescos…your tyres were almost flat when i looked at your bike

almost flat!! never

anyway, only got it the week before last so nyer! Now I can check em before riding the bike Mr B.

PS, know anyone that wants to buy a slightly ‘used’ looking GSX-R750?? I found out a new front tyre, driving rain and roads covered in salty crap don’t mix…

it was bought for me as a present - anyone know if it is inaccurate (would like to use it if poss)