Can anyone in here ...

talk me through Monitor Colour profiles and where they are stored on a drive. Sorry, bored of biking thought I’d tap the geek reserve as PCWorld really is just care in the community for frustrated geeks and salesmen that can’t sell.

Not sure what you are asking…

What are you trying to do?

What operating system?

Try this as a start.


New laptop, only has Abode 1966 as the “most uptodate Adobe profile”, probably why it was cheap.
Found teh 1998 profile, and downloaded, but can’t find where to save the bastid, so that when I “choose” my profile, its there as an option… just need parity between Camera, Laptop and computer to help minimise variables… probably not the most up to date attitude, but less variables keeps variable down eh…

Is it just the laptop you want to calibrate? I’d be happy to meet up at the Ace sometime and calibrate it for you with my Spyder3 calibrator. For the price of a coffee of course.

It was my understanding that the first laptop was released in 1975. How the **** do you have Adobe 1966?
This is made even more impressive when you consider that adobe was founded in 1982…

At last a time traveller
What’s the lottery numbers

I am currently dealing with a lot of unpleasant and unhelpful stress in my life. Some is my fault, some isn’t. But rest assured when I say :


its meant in the least antagonistic way I can under the circumstances… unless you want a fight… and I don’t mean a keyboard bitch slap I mean full on Cage… cos right now there’s a lot of aggro I could use a release for if you’re up for it…



Oh… did I write that… sorry Columbo. Booze and banter don’t mix eh.
All I know is that the the profiles are 1966 and 1998 if you’re bothered by that, give Adobe a call.
Bearing in mind its a colour based system derived from television monitors and display systems, its highly like that they adapted a “1966 industry standard” and called it that… not too great a leap of logic really, but hey like I said, booze, and stress and workless haven’t been making me a very pleasant fecker. My bad

im an IT geek

but these Adobe profiles mean squat to me too

did find info on ICC 1998 but no 1966 profiles eith install instructions (may be same as what you have)

it contains a 1998 profile download

dunno, maybe its used for things like premier/photoshop

take care #Toby