Can ANYONE help me? BIG problem ???

Ok so i bought a new carpet for my stairs…they said they would be able to fit it as well? I paid for it last week and done nothing but call to ask when they were going to deliver as they said “within 7 days”…yeh right !!

Anyway, they told me today that they can deliver to me by thurs, friday the latest, but they CANT fit it now as they dont have the time !! (amazing for a carpet co !!)…I called a friend who told me they would let me know by tonight…and ive been waiting up till nearly 1am for them to get back to me…bloody joke, cos ive got to be up at 5,15am to go to work !!!:w00t:

Im SO sick of being let down once you pay for something…ive already taken up the other stair carpet, ive got the underlay down and the stair rods…all i need is someone, anyone who can fit a carpet to my stairs???

IF you can help me or know someone who can help, and who can do it this Sat or Sun or even Mon or even Friday, if they DO deliver it to me by then…then PLEASE pm me and let me know ??? Im going round in circles here, as ive just had some work done indoors, im sick of paying out money to people who give me one price and then add more when they have done the job, taking the pee cos the ol mans working away and not around the house so they can see him !!! Arrghhhhhh im going mad here !!!

Theres got to be one of u guys who knows someone? or can do it yourself? …pm me and i will let u know details ? If not…well sod it…i wont have a stair carpet down until next year and will be well peed off for xmas and new year !!!

Thanks for the pm makman…will chase it up. :)Funny how we have so many other “trades” on here, not many carpet fitters eh??? :stuck_out_tongue: Its a dying trade…;)Anyway, all sorted…carpets being fitted right before crimbo !!! Oi Oi savaloy !!! :hehe: thanks makman !!!

i’d go and try to get full refund then go and buy carpet from some1 who can be bothered.