Can anyone fix windows

How much would it cost to fix this crack or replace the entire window? It is just a single pane window so no double glazing

Pics below

If anyone knows about doing this or prices please get in touch





I use this guy, he`s good, quick and not expensive.

Glazewise:- 07973187027 or 02084499190

It looks like you need to remove the wooden surround. You need to scrap the paint away first and attack it with a screwdriver to pry it free. Then take off the putty with a knife. Pop out the glass, get another cut to size and reverse process. It is quite simple, but time consuming. You should be able to get a leaflet to explain how it is done at Wickes, where you’ll be able to pick up the window putty.

yep he has fish & chips every friday, and a window fitted every tuesday :wink: you still live in a fookin greenhouse ? luv u really jp x

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