Can anyone confirm

I saw a link to a but cannot find it again about a funfair in blackheath,

Anyone able to confirm it was there or not?

Or does anyone know where there might be one I’m in sydenham and want to take the kids out to one

No idea but the free fireworks are on November 1st

There has been a lot of activity on the common by Greenwich Park this week - caravans, trailers etc. so I would wager, a ‘Yes’ but don’t know when for.

They were setting up when I was at Blackheath hut a couple of days ago

I can confirm there is a fair on blackheath and also the Berlin circus

lol better late than never.

Thanks guys, I took a punt and went there luckily was the first day open so good timing. Kids loved it of course.

Been a long time since I’ve been up that way during the day, very upmarket these days