Camping September 26th/27th

New Forest, organised camp site. This one has a pub next door :slight_smile: original thread:

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Details to follow but it would be here:

Last weekend of their season so it should be quite quiet…

  • No offroad
  • Easy pace
  • Minimal motorways
  • Different routes there and back
  • Group ride to meet at Borough Market for city slickers, [to be decided near M25] for everyone else - or see you there.
  • BM departure around 12 noon Saturday, arrival there for around 4/5, back in London Sunday afternoon (lunch-stop dependent).

Save the date if interested and let me know for numbers. Will get pitch price soon but we’re talking around £15 due to the shower/toilet facilities.

Good campsite its the first one in the new forest, pub is good as well. Weve stayed at Roundhill campsite near Brockenhurst it has a bikers rally field, Dont forget the Sammy Miller Bike museum when you down there:D

Just come back from near there, stayed at a camp site called The Back of Beyond for four days, its the other side of Ringwood and we have stayed there before, had smashing weather this time too.

Funny you should mention it, but we stumbled across the Sammy Miller Musuem by accident late in the day so had a rushed look round, will definately be going back there again though.

I camped near there at Nomansland! Nice area although this camp site looks quite close to ‘civilation’ ie the Motorway and Southampton airport. Having by then just moved don’t think I can do this one.

Oooh, quite tempted, though currently busy both days.

I’ll try to become a bit freer.

Would do… but can’t make that weekend. LIVID

Cant make this one Martin, but I will defo be up for a bit of off roading and camping through the winter, when I get my xr sorted :wink:


i can get to the camp site at about 7.00 pm on the Sat night as i have to take a mate for his birthday treat which is a "wheelie " day in Aylesbury !! as soon as that is done i can get over to the camp site IF you are still going ???


Send me a pm with your mobile ??

Right chaps this is cancelled .

I’ll plan some more a month or so ahead, however they won’t have facilities etc :wink: