Camping locations near the sea

As the title, would like to know if anyone knows of any camping locations near a beach.

Thinking of next weekend depending on a few things.

Top of beachy head?

Not really, but I’d be interested - I did have a similar idea but never did the research!

How far are you thinking of travelling ?

There are some really unspoilt areas of North Norfolk which have camping near the beach, including the coast round Waxham and north up to Wells - and some good biking roads also. Most of these are on farms and things, but if you want wild camping Exmoor in Devon allows camping in the rough.

Distance isn’t too much of a problem. Just would like somewhere I could throw a stone onto a beach or into the sea. A place to have a small camp fire, and just listen the to the waves and gulls.

Not bothered if it is not a dedicated camping site either.

sounds like a nice idea :slight_smile:

Kingsdown International Camping Centre!!!

Their gate has steps leading to the beach that has a jetty. Fires allowed too!! I was gonna talk to SHane to organise another camping trip there :smiley:

how about lee on solent, quite intresting watching the boats in and out of southhampton,or calsot on the new forest side.

neat idea, but don’t know if I’ll be able to join in this time (that is, if it’s intended to be a LB camping anyway :w00t: )

reason being my large bag I had on me pillion seat broke when I arrived at home :blink:
specifically the handle, through which I had the bungee cords, came off when I picked it up from my bed after arrival :blink: If that thing had come off earlier that day on the road…

solution: use more bungee cords.

Funnily enough that is a very beautiful spot - they have a pub, and a lighthouse, and an amazing view from the cliffs over the sea for miles. Just don’t camp too near the edge;)

Yes it’s a great spot (if a little windy) but I’d say the chances of being pranked/vandalised/set on fire/bikes stolen etc would be high there.

not sure of your location but been here before with the kids

Gower peninsula, Llangenith has a campsite just behind the sand dunes, reasonable amenities, a pub nearby and part of the beach is good for surfing. Usually there is a lifeguard in peak season too.

Camping locations near the sea …

Have a look along the Atlantic Highway a 70 mile stretch of the A39 from it’s junction with the A30 to Barnstaple.

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Or a little further east there’s a 40 mile stretch of the A39 from Blackmoor Gate to Kilve that takes in Lynmouth, Countisbury & Porlock Hills with some great riding in and around Exmoor National Park.

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This is a good website - - i have found a couple of great sites via it.


Some of the A39 is great, most of it however is double white tiny lanes with caravans doing 20mph everywhere

Have stayed here: which is right next to the beach. Just down the road from St Austell in Cornwall.

shell island North Wales