Campin n bikes n stuff

As mention in the Summer Bash part duex thread a week or two back, but not actually the same even being planned by Charlie, this is a little reminder about the Honda Hornet Owners Club Annual event on the south coast W/E 4-7th August. I know this clashes with the Ruby night so do not put your name down if you are already signed up elsewhere. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICAIL LB EVENT. In the interests of cross community proliferation you are invited to attend as guests of the HHOC. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a Hornet. They usually have parking set aside for the heretical unbelievers and those that have strayed from the flock, e.g. Charlie.

I will be going down on Saturday and returning Sunday. Charlie will be doing his best to support the local economy by propping up the bar all weekend. So you are welcome if you want to spend the night in a field with a bunch of other bikers. We just need some idea of numbers so we can pass it on to the event organisers.

Detail here.