Cameras and penalty tickets.

Have you received, and paid, a penalty fine to a local authority based on “evidence” they have taken from almost any type of street camera before 31st March, 2008? If so you may well be due a refund. (There is case precidence, so they have no choice.)

It seems that a lot of local authorities used their various CCTV monitors to provide photo evidence of traffic violations and send out penalty tickets, yet, prior to March 31st this year, they had no legal right to do so.

(Honest John, Motoring Telegraph today and the same last week.)

If you have been stung, go to

Can anyone tell me if this also applies to TfL using traffic monitoring cameras at junctions for the same sort of thing?

had one dubious penalty charge based on video evidence but i contested it straight away and it was scrapped.

they will try anything to get a few quid out of motorists for sure

Thats because the equiptment isnt “Type Approved” by the DTO.

Basically the evidence is not admissable because it does not adhere to quality and secure standards.

Cheers for that:)

I got a £100 fine from Haringay Council for stopping on a Red Route at 2AM about a year ago.:crying:

The evicence was a cctv shot.

I might give this a go:cool:

Certainly in London CCTV has been legal for enforcing offences such as bus lanes, yellow boxes and the like since 2003. I am not sure why that should have changed. Parking rules did change on 31 March. Rules outside London are different.

Section 4 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003 says -

"Penalty charges for road traffic contraventions

(1) This section applies where—

(a) in relation to a GLA road or GLA side road, Transport for London or, subject to subsection (3) below, the relevant borough council; or

(b) in relation to any other road in the area of a borough council, the relevant borough council or, subject to subsection (4) below, Transport for London,

have reason to believe (whether or not on the basis of information provided by a camera or other device) that a penalty charge is payable under this section with respect to a motor vehicle."

The list of enforceable offences under that is -

Vehicular traffic must proceed in the direction indicated by the arrow
Vehicular traffic must turn ahead in the direction indicated by the arrow
Vehicular traffic must comply with the requirements prescribed in regulation 15
No right turn for vehicular traffic
No left turn for vehicular traffic
No U-turns for vehicular traffic
Priority must be given to vehicles from the opposite direction
No entry for vehicular traffic
All vehicles prohibited except non-mechanically propelled vehicles being pushed by pedestrians
Entry to pedestrian zone restricted (Alternative types)
Entry to and waiting in pedestrian zone restricted (Alternative types)
Entry to and waiting in pedestrian zone restricted (Variable message sign)
Motor vehicles prohibited
Motor vehicles except solo motor cycles prohibited
Solo motor cycles prohibited
Goods vehicles exceeding the maximum gross weight indicated on the goods vehicle symbol prohibited
One way traffic
Route for use by buses and pedal cycles only
Route for use by tramcars only
Part of the carriageway outside a school entrance where vehicles should not stop
Marking conveying the requirements prescribed by regulation 29(2) and Part II of Schedule 19

[Edit - That gobbledegook at the end is yellow box junctions]

I was hoping you would respond Giuliano, as I thought this is your area.

Yes, this is particularly pertinent for parking offences but the use by local authorities of cameras erected for “public safety” for traffic offences is also very dubious.