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sorry, who are you?

your a nobody if you dont know me :stuck_out_tongue:

Bloody tragic events and even more horrific is that the governent of a developed country allowed/ordered it to happen. What gets me is why it’s left to ‘Hildog’ Clinton to comment directly upon it. Where are the voices of our leaders?

Muffled behind the mountain of trade/cash we have with them.

Yes mate, they won’t even be muffled, they’ll probably be denying it happened too!

To be honest i think they should admit what happened, but not necessarily have an investigation.

Coming from nothern ireland, i feel that digging up things that happened in the past does not actually help anyone, it just stirs up past anger and hate.

Things were different back then, theyd get a bit more respect if they just admitted what happened, submitted apologies for the heavy handedness, and looked forward to the future when they can assure the population that it wont happen again.

Pulling stunts like what they do today, even with the guys with the umbrellas just goes to show they have allot to hide, and are still “dictating” that they will let the rest of the world, and their own population only see, what they want them to see.