Camera location : bike or helmet?

Got a new lid so need to relocate the camera.
Wondering if I should not have it on the lid and put in on the bike (front facing).

Where do people think the best location is helmet or bike?

Helmet so it records what you’re looking at.

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On the chin bar or under the peak if you’ve gone full SM :joy:

Depends… If you’re going on a ride you know you might be treating certain limits with contempt, better on bike where it won’t pick up Speedo…

I guess helmet is better for recording stuff you are seeing but I always felt nervous about sticking something that can be single point of impact, close to my head.

I have/had my current one on my helmet. Been drilled into me on numerous courses to not do that, so I will be mounting my next one on the bike somewhere.

As Serrisan says, single point of impact, also assuming you pass that first hurdle, could then get caught on something and cause it to get stuck on something while the rest of you carries on going.

My camera has 140° viewing angle, so can see quite wide …

No got a shoei xspirit 3
But I am contemplating getting a SM one at some point

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That is only slightly wider than the 135° horizontal field of vision of human eyes, though. And, somewhat like eyes, camera lenses are less sharp at the edges. So anything for which you need to turn your head will not be caught.

Anything in you blind spot. Anything to you side. Anything slightly in front of you.

Plus a bike mounted camera well be mounted lower. So whilst you are looking over a car at something father ahead, the camera may only be looking at the back of it.

Whether any of that is a problem or a benefit depends on what you are using the camera for. But where you mount it makes a difference.

You also have to consider how much your bike vibrates, risk of being blanked out by road spray, etc. too.

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good points Michael

My camera is helmet mounted too. And no, that’s not a queue for a dirty joke.

I have the INNOVV system mounted on my bike (2 cameras, covering front and rear). Not had any issues from it