Camera for my rides


I love the gopro and have used them since 2010, I have a 3+ at the moment. Great for reliving memories and epic rides. Just for the record (and for the sake of mankind) please, please, please don’t become a vlogger.


I’ve only ever posted 1 video to YouTube and that was the prom ride one.

All my other ride outs I’ve filmed (TOWIE Tour, Southend Shakedown etc)the footage needed too much sensorship!! So they are stored for private viewing :slight_smile:

I just tuck it under the padding.

I have a Garmin Virb Elite and have been experimenting with mounting options. I couldn’t bring myself to put the adhesive base mount on my Beloved Shoei, or on my RR but I found a bar mount which attaches nicely to the mirror stalk.

GoPros perform well but look terrible wherever you place them. At least Drifts and Contours make you look like some sort of robot or commando, GoPros look like you rode through a Fisher Price factory and some of their gear got stuck to you.

As above please don’t become a vlogger. 99% of that content seems to be worse that watching paint dry (as there aren’t even any fumes) or those in need of anger management.

Gopro all day long

I love the looks of the Gopro and it’s the best!!

Just in case anyone wants to relax:

I’m not a fan of how the gopro looks, i think it is a very dated design, I’d never have it on my helmet as I think the footage is really crap when it moves around with your head and I hate how it looks on a helmet, but placed in the right spot on a bike it can be hidden really well and still look good as well as catch amazing quality footage.

I prefer it on helmet, I hate it when it’s mounted on let’s say the tank cause you always feel like you can’t see something!

The looks never bother me, it’s a camera after all. I remember gaffa taping a video camera to the petrol tank back years ago so it’s a distinct improvement on that!

I have been using the Contour to record my racing and find them the easiest to use and mount in hidden places on the bike.
You can fit them using a RAM mount also so making it more stable on the bike.
I can’t mount it to the helmet as it’s not allowed in racing but I’m not a fan on helmet mounted cameras, you look a twat on the road :slight_smile:

Just remember if you do mount a camera and you get pulled over then the police can view the footage if they suspect you of dangerous riding or speeding so you will have to be a sensible rider all the time.

Good advice, I do think I want to go with the contour roam2 lots of positive feedback. I can’t bring myself to mount it on my shiny new Shoei so looking at bike mounting options. Erm, what’s a RAM mount and where do they go? Also how hard is it to mount on the bike?

If you go with the contour then contact Ross at Action cameras in Chiswick. Tell him I sent you and he will look after you.

my iphone mount uses ram mounts they do all types for all types

Ooh sounds good :smiley: do I tell him PJ from LB or do I drop your real name?

He knows me from my racing not LB.

I also mount my camera using a RAM mount on the handlebars, or sometimes a helmet mount, but I have a Midland XTC300 - which shoots 1080 and 720 and has a good long battery life, as well as being usefully cheaper than the GoPro.

Bar mount:

Helmet Mount:

£200 from Infinity Motorcycles

I was having a bit of a check and it seems like the prices of Contour Roam 2s varies quite significantly, I’ve seen them for £190 or £125 for what appears to be the same thing, am I missing some subtle difference?

There are also NTSC versions for even less, if you’re only using the footage on the PC then I presume it doesn’t make a lot of difference which version you get?

Wow didn’t realise an NTSC version would be so much cheaper? I’d only use it on a laptop/pc anyway! Cheers for the advice, I’m going to pick one up next month, just considering now where to put it since I really dont want to mess up my pwetty lid!

I’ll show you where to stick it :smiley:

Only kidding. Next time i see you i will show you a great place out the way behind the screen i have my Go-Pro, it is clear of all the controls, doesn’t hinder my view of the Clocks etc and is safe from getting knocked off or even blown off as the screen protects it from the wind (which also avoids wind noise on the cheaper cameras)