Camera for my rides

After delaying getting one for almost a year, I’ve decided its time to get a camera to record my rides. Not only for personal feedback and the pleasure of recording some of our ride outs, but also because for the endless barrage of idiots on the roads these days!

I’m looking at the contour roam2, seems neat and light, however, I’m not sure I want to ‘de-face’ my helmet attaching mounts etc to it. Can anyone tell me if the mounts are very obtrusive (I won’t always have the cam on I suppose)?

I have two Contour Roams (the second one was really cheap and it means we can video the kids skiing from two different angles and edit). They are great little cams. When the camera is not in use, you have a flat square connector attached to your helmet which is quite unobtrusive. That said, I haven’t put it on the new (well, one year old) Neotec yet – when I want to use it, I attach it to the bike itself. For the Supermoto I wear an MX helmet and use the Contour Goggle mount.


The flat mount pretrudes about 4mm when the camera is not attached.

looks like a nice enough little camera, i suggested the ReplayXD to crookzy and he got one, really nice smooth footage and frame rates, optional 720p / 1080p recording and loads of different mounts ect. –>LinkyMahBobHere<–
tend to have short battery life though (i think it says 120mins).
good luck!

that’s my cam attached to my crash helmet not a contour but similar

I also have attached a shark Bluetooth interphone

both neither give me any hassle & you don’t really feel them mine on the nearside but still picks up most offside images

GoPro 3 Black all day long!!!

Only not on helmet :crazy: Don’t get me wrong, they are good cameras, but not the price and the shape. However if you like this type of camera, why not save yourself couple hundred pounds and get SJ4000?

I’ve got Contour Roam and use it daily. Pros: Waterproof, small mounting with easy detaching, reasonable video quality, adjustable lens angle. Cons: does not overwrite files when card gets full, battery is built in and lasts few hours only.

I don’t have it on my Helmet, i have numerous mounts over the bike and it is great, the quality is spot on and it is very easy to use and edit, and the mounting options are infinite!

If I was going to mount the GoPro on my bike where could I put it near front?

Behind the screen like i have mine, it is out the way from all controls, it isn’t visable on the outside and is also protected from being bashed about. i’ll show you next ride out. it is a great little mounting point and gets a great view of the road ahead.

Replay XD Mini works well for me. When you’re not using it you can’t tell there’s a mount on there (unless you are lazy like me and leave most of it on). And I think it’s the smallest HD cam you can get (don’t quote me). Only cost about £120.

Or get a petrol tank camera mount like my one i use sometimes, only problem is it gets the Speedo when mounted here :frowning:

Surely that’s not a problem Sam because you never speed?


For those considering mounting a camera to their bikes, remember that singles and twins can vibrate too much for the video to be of any use, especilly if the hardware is using a rolling shutter.

I did have mine mounted to the indicator stalk I used a handle bar mount & packed it out with some rubber fillers worked a treat until I went on my badger cull a few months back

I have Contour+2 and it’s in my view the best form factor you can get nowadays. I don’t like the Teletubby look of GoPro’s, especially if they’re mounted on the top of the helmet.

The mount is not obtrusive at all. It’s just an adhesive padding and it holds really well. I was initially afraid that it would fall off but after testing it at 130mph I’m now certain that it’ll hold no matter what.

Here’s what it looks like:

You will need an external mic (2.5mm jack) though for speeds above 20mph as the wind noise kills any engine sound. I got one for £12. Not sure if Roam supports external microphones, something to keep in mind if you want to get one and stick to your helmet.

The thing i don’t like about helmet mounted cams is watching the footage back makes you sea sick as it constantly moves around wherever the rider looks!

With it mounted on the bike you get a much steadier view as well as better visual (imo)

You need two cams then :slight_smile: I’m the opposite - I prefer helmet mounted ones for that exact reason - I can look around and it’s not static. If there’s something happening more than 10 degrees away from me I can look at it, capture it and who knows, maybe eventually post it on Youtube and become RICH!!!

Where do you stick the mic?