Just had a message from Barro…there are about 6 bike coppers on Camden High Street pulling over any and every biker between Camden Palace and Camden tube station. Looks like they’re there for the duration too…umbrellas and everything!

You’ve been warned

Typical. You could stand in front of Camden Tube station selling weed all day but god forbid you drive a motorcycle up the road! THEN you have it comin’.

All Clear !!

and from what Ive heard (friend on phone) they have reclaimed 3 stolen bikes !!

Gooooooooood Work Mister Plod and Happy Christmas !!

Cool. I had a chat last night with a traffic copper who was looking for stolen bikes in his souped-up BMW. Good on em…

Good news, nice to see the coppers actually serving the public. Respect yo!

They do stand infront of Camden Tube all day selling weed and most corners between Kings Cross and Euston too But you don’t make money jailing dealers !