Camden Bus Lane Fines

Had some unexpected news yesterday, I got 2 bus lane fines a long time ago - so long ago that my bike was written off last May, I cant even remember when I got them!

I got home from work yesterday and had 2 letters from Camden council to say that they have refunded my penalty charges after I appealed that the sign didnt start at the beggining of the bus lane on Bloomsbury St - I appealed, didnt hear anything so paid the fines before they turned around and increased the charges and that was the end of it I thought but low and behold they actually looked in to it & refunded me :smiley:

they’ve refunded others too. I suspect something went to the appeals tribunal and they got burnt and ended up having to refund any PCN issued in that location.

Happy Days!

genius, nice work fella :slight_smile:

I got a £60 refund from Camden too. Also so long ago can’t remember what it was for. Already spent by the way.:slight_smile:

Wish i could get refunds on mine another PCN just turned up :crying: all of them are within 6 days of each other whoops.

Should’ve gone to Specsavers…


A request for pictures has been sent then im never going near an island again

Just keep the right side of them :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t that be "keep the left side of them