California Superbike School-Level1

Nope, just 4 :stuck_out_tongue: 1-3 has you doing different drills then putting together everything you learned. 4 is where you get 1 on 1 tuition (or 2 to 1 but definitely not a lot, anyway) and you practice what you feel you need to, and agree it with the instructor.

easy tiger - who has bad mouthed the days? everyone as far as i’m aware has been positive about them

i merely making the observation, which you have effectively supported that going on the course doesn’t automatically make massive improvements - its depends on the rider.

lol, wasn’t aiming at you, heard ppl moaning up box hill and down bury hill about how they’ve spent all this money and hasn’t helped them on the road.
Its all down to the rider at the end of the day :wink:

Thats crazy. CSS teach you the dynamics of cornering. How you apply that to the road is up to you. When I did my level 2 there was this guy there who thought he was the dogs ****** and wouldn’t listen to anything the instructors would try and help him with. I was with him when we did the lean bike, others were listening to the instructors and getting on well. When he couldn’t get it he just got all angry at the instructor and stormed off saying he couldn’t do it 'cos the bike was ****!! Some people just don’t understand what they’re there for! :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way guys I’m pretty sure when CSS are at brands they can’t do the off track skills due to lack of space which is why I have always gone to Silverstone. Might be different now but could be worth checking. You only use the lean bike at level 2 and the skid bike on level 3 anyway I think.

ha ha ha, did he have a right paddy like hayden when pedrosa stuffed his honda into him in 2006 ?

Haha! Well he didn’t quite start hammering the ground with his fists but we all pissed ourselves when he’d disappeared round the corner in a cloud of steam! :smiley:

Reading all this I can’t wait till July! seems like such a long way to go.

Mike you’re right, they don’t use the lean bike in level1, shame really, but will keep that in mind when I come to book level 2 if all goes well. Is silverstone a good track for this?

CSS isn’t held on the Silverstone track, it’s on the Stowe circuit which is very small and not technical at all… I’d suggest checking Rockingham out instead.

Yeah sorry your right it’s the Stowe circuit which is in the middle of Silverstone. It’s very small and the surface is very hectic with lots of joins that are slippery especially in the wet. This can be looked at as more technical though so potentially advantageous. I have done a couple of track days at Rockingham though and I agree CSS must be very good there as it’s very twisty and technical.

I found this too…Seemed like a go kart track.

Apart from that, the actual tuition was superb. I didn’t find level 1 was telling me anything ground breaking that I didn’t know before (I had just read both Twist of the wrist books so I guess that helped)…

But it was more the way you were taught how to think about your riding and break the elements down into sections, practice them over and over, and then move on.

It’s worth the money IMO because I believe I am faster / safer (even though I may not actually be :laugh: )

Ooops…I’ve just gone and booked Level 2, 10th June at Rockingham.

There goes £400 out of my track day budget :w00t: :laugh:

Trigger, I can see you lurking :wink:

Are you gonna book this one with me again? :slight_smile:

I’d do it if i could affoard it. Until then B’s school of geekness will have to do!

And you’re progressing very nicely too:cool: Need a bit more practice with your spellling though:D

He’s a racer they don’t learn him good to spell :hehe:B’s geek school, I like it.‘hmm… in the corner you lean well my young padoin mhehehe, strong in the way of the force you are’

you’re right… loooooong time to wait. You better book another trackday. Gowun, gowun, gowun, gowun, gowun, gowun, gowun, you know you wanna :smiley:

I have! Just done the MSV Ducati day at brands, morning was a bit damp, but it soon dried after 11ish, oh and the 848 is sublime on track :w00t:

well i just read pb and they answered my worries about the 848’s reliabilty, looks really reliable so hmmmm could really be tempted to get it now :ermm:

It’s great bike if you can’t afford a 1098! :w00t:

Dunno yet bud, will see what the budget is like and how the time fits in around the DD racing dates. will keep you posted, would really like to and would probably prove quite useful.

I wouldn’t buy a 1098, don’t think it’s good to commute on day in day out, dry clutch is tough for me, and I would never use it’s way too powerful engine to its full potential, even on track, I don’t use half of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

I think for the experienced rider/racer, a great bike no doubt, for someone like me…not yet.

Curtis, comparison pm to follow :smiley: