California Superbike School-Level1

Finally booked a date this year, going to be Brands Hatch on the 22nd of July :smiley:

There are only 2 days at brands this year and they sell out quickly, would be great if someone joins me, but due to high demand for brands, I’d suggest booking within the next couple of weeks or so, I left it late last year and couldn’t get a place.

So come on guy and gals take the plunge and book, should be a great day!

how much is it??

hmmm £400 i’mm gonna see what i can do :smiley: might be able to try n persuade my family to get it as a birthday present for me :smiley:

You can get vouchers if you call them up and ask. They used to accept deposits to secure places but they don’t do that anymore (unless you ask very nicely and apparently have also already done one level at least) so you need to pay all in one go.

I’ll be out at Brands on the 23rd, L2.

as soon I’m paid this month booking 22nd aswell for lvl 1:D

675x3, brilliant :smiley:

Go on Curtis, you know you wanna :hehe:

let me work my magic and see what i can do :smiley: i wanna do it just a case of getting the money together before it sells out :smiley:

haha 14 spaces left, so hopefully when i get paid at end of month :smiley: gonna be allowed to pay £100 deposit and rest 6 weeks b4, worked me charm on her :slight_smile: ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been receiving “levels 1 and 2 are almost sold out now!” emails since early January when I booked, so I wouldn’t panic yet :slight_smile:

just trying to make ppl panic into buying them

Reckon I am not going to do the CSS - it could well be useful, but for a little more than half the price I can get a one-to-one instructor at a focused events track day…reckon that would be better for me…

Not surprised Ian, you’re probably too good for level1 anyway :slight_smile:

Although CSS is expensive it’s worth every penny and it doesn’t matter who the student is, even seasoned racers start off at level 1 :slight_smile:

You’re gonna have bags of fun and you’ll learn so much. :cool:

It’s a great product, but FM, it’s a bit overpriced.

Jon Kocinski was a code student.

When he won the AMA 250 title, after getting a good base suspension setting in pre season, he didn’t adjust a single click all year.

I’m not sure what that proves, or why I even typed it TBH.

Does anyone else have the Code book where he states that the only space you need to carry out a overtake, is the space a domestic door would occupy if laid down on the track?*

How do you think the burd in the control tower at brands would react if you presented her with a photocopy of that page when summoned for a bollcking?

(She was quite stern with me last time, I’m not sure I’ll be trying it.)

*Ruben Xuas read that, and thought he meant the door was stood on it’s side.

hahah nice one mate, will keep that photocopy and let you know how I get on…

Understand that I will pick up stuff if I did go on Lvl-1, but the cost is too much for me at the moment…need a new bike first :slight_smile:

Compared to what? :slight_smile:

The Haslam School is around £370 last I heard, but the CSS is miles better, Mark Sheppard is one of the guys there I ride with on occasion, he’ll get you going round corners quicker than you’ve ever been. true its expensive, very expensive but from what he tells me, the improvements are massive

keep telling myself i’m going to do it at some point but £400 per day is a lot of moola and puts me off (and there are 5 levels or sommat?)

…that and i know people who’ve been on it and they’re still rubbish on a bike! :smiley:

if people cant ride quicker and more consistant after going to one of these days, they should just stick to what they know and not bad mouth these days, its not the instuctors fault the individual couldn’t pick it up.