California Superbike School Back Up & Running!

California Superbike School (CSS) is back up and running, under new management! I’m really excited about this personally. I’ve wanted to do it for years, ever since we featured them in some editorial pieces years ago. When they went under I was bummed! Thankfully the previous instructors have taken over, with Ducati and Dainese no less (not sure if this is new, but I’d love to hire a Ducati with them).

Press Release:

Exciting Update!!

Hi Tasha,

A quick update from us here at The World Famous California Superbike School!

First and foremost…

WELCOME to The NEW California Superbike School!!
Whether you have been to us before, or you are yet to come to us for the first time, THANK YOU for being a part of what we do and continuing to support the school.

But not so new… The School is now run by your Chief and Assistant Chief Coaches, Gary Adshead & Martin Plunkett who have served the school for many years.

When the previous management departed the school Gary and Martin stepped up to grab the reins and look after the massive amount of friends and customers the school has built up over the years.

With decades of experience, supported by Keith Code himself, and, backed by Jane Adshead who is heading up the Operational Team, we are pleased to report that the school is slicker and stronger than ever!

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Continuing the Team Theme!

The new management structure used their already strong relationships with partners to retain their support. Ducati UK, Dainese London and the powerhouse of biking brands you can see at the bottom of this email, are all working with the school to support us in providing the world class events we are famous for!
We are also proud to welcome BeMoto who are taking the Bike Insurance world by storm as our partner too!

Our double event at Bedford Autodrome on 7th / 8th September was a great success. Friends old and new joined us along with senior representatives from our partners AND… Lamb Chop Rides of Youtube fame!!! :point_left: Click to see his video.

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AND THE MOST EXCITING NEWS?? :point_down::point_down::point_down:

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We are now Booking Dates for 2021!

Our FULL 2021 Calendar is going to be released very soon, and, due to incredible demand we have decided to create a Payment Passport for people eager to BOOK NOW and make sure their spot is GUARANTEED as our dates always sell out!

In simple terms you book today and get a guaranteed choice of any one of our 2021 dates to attend!
When the full dates are released your place will be secure on your chosen date and you have the option to pay by low monthly payments too.

If for whatever reason (covid for example) your chosen date doesn’t go ahead, we will rebook you on another date of your choice within 12 months at no extra charge.

CHECK OUT OUR 2021 PAYMENT PASSPORT HERE or click the button below.

If you have any questions, or need any help, we are here to look after you in any way we can, so please just reply to this email and we’ll be glad to hear from you.

See you soon!

The California Superbike School Team

Get your 2021 payment passport HERE

Our Partners:


would love to do that also!

btw this is the official site.

those links take you to a sales funnel

@Jay, I always thought your name was Jay! should I have been calling you Tasha :rofl:

Tasha was LB’s chief editor back in the day. She’s who CSS have down as our POC still :slight_smile:

There’s a name from a long time ago.

It’s good to know that they are up and running again, with the demise of Ron’s Race School it’s nice to have this available again.

I have always had my eye on this, but its just sooooooo expensive. I have heard mixed reviews so would hate to pay £460 and then it turns out to be crap. I did ron-haslam some years back at least with that it includes full kit and bike, which sorta justifies the cost.

Also I am a bit of a fair weather rider so I have a bad habit of trying to book my track days\events within 2 weeks of it so I have an idea of the weather, by then its all sold out :rofl:

@kcoops we don’t exactly live in a dry, sunny climate. I think it’s really quite valuable to master wet-weather riding. Also, if you’ve not given full-wet racing tyres at a trackday a go, you’re really missing out, the experience is mind-blowing. The tyres perform the impossible. One of my favourite trackdays was in full rain conditions round Brands Hatch with @B.

Oh don’t get me wrong @Jay, years of commuting on the bike has given me a good share of bad weather. I just absolutely hate it. For me there is no joy riding when its pising down. Everything works against you. Nah no fun at all. Plus if I am gonna pay for it, gotta be sunny or at least not wet to put a smile on my face.

I think its also being on a sport bike, if you are out greenlaning and it rains then that’s perfect. Otherwise give me sunshine lots of it, let it buuuuuurn baby :rofl: :rofl:


For sure, it’s best when it’s dry, but with the right equipment, you can have as much fun in the wet, even on sports bikes :slight_smile:

Brands Hatch pissing wet trackday, full wet racing tyres. OH BOY :slight_smile:

Can’t say I like wet track days either. This was on the Folembray circuit in August 2009 with ELAM.

I’d rather pay a lot more for a few days of track training in California, where they supply the bike and all the kit.

Interested in this but boy it is expensive if you don’t have a bike you’d like to learn these skills on! I wonder how much gear and bike rental are from them.

I paid £700 for a masterclass at Silverstone in Sep, which included leathers and an R1M. That was excellent and I fully recommend, but obviously is a special treat at most budgets (including mine lol).

Maybe one day when I have full leathers and, finally, a supersport… maybe if I get the RS 660 :crossed_fingers:.

I might be up for it next year! Although last time I did a track day 2 years ago I got arm pump and needed to take time off work, that’ll teach me not to use my legs properly :man_facepalming:

Done Level 1, 2 & 3 over 10 years ago so wouldn’t mInd having another go

Would love to give it a go but would have to be with a school that provides everything. Have done lots of car track days over the years and always had fun.

I ride so gingerly in the rain. 0 to 60 in 20 secs and slow down half a mile before the round about, I will piss everyone off on that track :joy:

The last two track days I did it on my bike and I must say there is an advantage to that as opposed to the loan bike as you get to understand your safe limits on the machine you are riding day in day out. only wish track insurance was a bit cheaper, but hey its a high risk event.

The down side is you are constantly thinking dont drop it , dont drop iiiiiiiiiiiiit as opposed to just ridding.

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I’m amazed there is a future in this.

It is so expensive, I don’t understand how people can justify it?

People earn different amounts of money. What’s expensive for some isn’t for others. Fundamentally though it comes down to there’s a good number of people* who either want to get into racing and see this as a foundational course or there’s folks who want to get the most out of trackdays and see this level of tuition as good insurance to maximise safety and satisfaction.

* making an educated guess at broadly categorising most of their customers

A 4 day Das course would set you back just less than half half that.

Whilst the das covers the bike hiring, on the California you have track costs and (one would assume) higher calibre instructors, plus limited days it can be done on, plus more organisation in general.

Doesn’t mean it’s cheap but the cost is not that disproportionate to other things in life.

Some people like buying expensive watches, holidays, some want to spend all money on improving bike skills

Some can afford to do it all…

Agree it’s not cheap, especially the new prices compared to when I originally did it! But for me it was the thing that took my track riding, and riding in general from ok, to confident and better, after seeming not to be able to progress and losing confidence after a couple of self induced crashes. I actually did it on my own bike & for me it was good value for money and meant i got so much more out of riding.

Might be tempted to razz around on one of their Ducati’s though :grimacing:

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I found with car track days that the real cost was obscured if you used your own vehicle. You paid for the day and kept that at the front of your mind but kept one eye closed when it came to a couple of tanks of fuel at 6mpg, half a set if tyres, a good chunk of brake pads and more regular oil changes. Track day insurance was something I started with then soon dropped despite having some huge offs at Bedford where thankfully there is little to hit. The cars never came to any harm mechanically despite the absolute pasting they had. Always an expensive day out but it really is living!

Wow. Paid £399 back in 2011 using all my own gear. And yes it rained a bit. Definitely was s good day. But I still managed to smash myself up on track few years later… Much better under instruction. Would love to have another go…

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