Cadwell Park Trackday 26.03.23

@pricetta and I did our first trackday of the year yesterday at Cadwell Park. It was FREEZING! Well, 7c. Cloudy, damp and windy. Brrr. Many riders fell due to the exceptionally low grip levels. We felt our way along, took time building up a pace and made the most of the day.

Admittedly, we did leave early, we had a very drive home and I was under the weather, getting over a bug, so couldn’t do it all. Great opportunity to blow out the cobwebs though.

Only incident was a rear slide on the left hand turn of Hall Bends. Cold track, brand-new Pirelli Rosso 4 Corsa combination. Sure woke me up ! :sweat_smile:

Currently looking into getting a box trailer to make these long drives to/from tracks more agreeable. Vans suck for distance driving.

Fantastic track photos by Matt Sayle Photography.