Bye bye Varadero

Had my bike test today, in the pooring rain. Passed with 2 minors (going too fast in the wet and hesitating twice at a junction).

So, off down FirstLine Motorcycles, dropped of my Varadero and picked up my Transalp

My god, this things HUGE! I’m 6’3 and I can only just get both feet touching the ground at the same time! Although it’s probably the slower option of the bikes I coulda bought, it’s got plenty enough punch for me (for now anyway )

What a weight off my mind…

Great news - very well done

Congrats man!

congrats fellla!

stepping up myself very very soon

nice one mate, so you off adventuring anywhere now, you got all the luggage!!!

Nice one

Congratulations on passing

Nice one dude! we;ll have you on to an AT or a big Vara in no time!!!

Well done!

Congrats fella, welcome to the world of proper biking

Congratulations on passing the DAS.

Didn’t fancy the Varadero Litre version then??

Thanks for the comments all

I think the insurance man might not have liked me getting the Varadero 1 ltr. I’m happy enough with the Transalp

Yeah, I’m hoping to make a trip to see relatives near Cork sometime in May. The panniers should be useful for that, they’re off again at the moment.

Congrats - enjoy the bike!

Congratulations on passing!! Be nice to see you on some ride outs.

YAY!!! Well done you, bet you haven’t stopped grinning!

Only just seen your post Andy

Dead chuffed for you … yay

Nice one dude, welcome to the real world…

Tbf, my decision wasn’t really insurance based. I narrowed it down to 3 or 4 bikes I was looking for and then looked in the local bike shops for the exact one I wanted.

Congratulations, enjoy the bike.

Hope you don’t miss your Varadero, may sound odd but I still miss mine occaisionaly - great little bikes

Well done you enjoy your new ride

well done …