Buying a Race Bike

I’m looking for some advice about buying a race bike, it will be my first, and therefore I have no idea which bike or what components I should buy.

I ride a 600 and therefore I would like another 600 or bigger and I’m trying to not spend more than 2K.

I’ve never raced before, on the curcuit that is, and well I guess I want to start racing, there are 4 race tracks around where I live and the obvious nurburgring is 600Km. so i have to take advantage of it.

Any advice, I’d be greatful.



You might try asking Chuffster, he races an SV650.

The current 1000’s are pretty quick, so go for a 600 to start with - this will help hone your race craft instead of ****ting yourself half the time. You should be able to get a ex-racer with extras like wow, sprockets, levers, etc for relatively little money (compared to road bikes), but then you will need to budget for the regular costs like trackdays, tyres, fuel, travel costs, etc which is what sinks most people. I think Chuffster races in minitwins which is a relatively cheap class to go racing in, and I’ve heard they are a very friendly crowd.

If you look on forums the guys will give you all the advice you need and there are plenty of track/race bikes (some very hot bikes!) & spares for sale on there.

‘ring bikes have to be road legal. Might be better of checking what race series’ there are in your area first, and how well supported they are, rather than focusing on a bike first. I would have thought this would be the last piece in the puzzle to be honest. Good luck mate, I’d love to do it myself!

cheers, and keep em coming.

Dude, having accompanied Chuffster this year to every single race meet…well the list is endless.

Not that I am very technical or good with mechanics, if you’re just starting out then I would seriously consider Clubman Minitwins as this is probably one of the first classes that people enter (Dynopro is the next step up)and works out better value than other classes, or so I am told. Spare parts for SVs are easy to come by, hence it being a popular class. You should be able to get a fairly good bike for that price. Check out as the sale board is now saturated with racers selling off their bikes. There’s lots of accessories around too.

If you need further info, by all means drop me a PM. Best of luck with your racing. It’s hard work but great fun. You’ll love it.

Jay’s right.

Do some research into what classes run near you.

Get a idea of cost’s involved.

Then look for the right bike.

If you are seriously looking into getting a race bike let me know.

I raced the SV650 in clubman minitwins with Bemsee this year. Had an absolute great time and its all budget racing. Once you start getting into 4 cylinder bikes, you are usually talking more money. Gareth Ruislip from here raced rookie 600 this year with Bemsee. He has enjoyed his season but also now knows that he needs to spend money on engine work to get competitive. So you have to work out a budget before deciding.

As a rough gestimate, entry fees, tyres, petrol etc have cost about 5.5k for me this year.

If you are thinking of taking a race bike to the ring, forget it. The bike has to be road legal and 95 decibels. Now you could always get a race bike and convert it back to the road, can’t see the point in that myself.

i too would like to take up racing…i found this lil critter in behind my cupboard the other day and saw he was of the racing breed…

his little googly eyes stared at me with the passion of winning and i saw his spirit to win strait away…

i have taken much consideration as to the running costs to keep this fella on the track,

£1.50 per race…this includes :

paint for his shell

high octain half a digestive

track maintanance,one sided gummed plastic for ultimute traction.

and full servicing costs…

any advise as to racing cocroatches would be so helpfull as i have never done this before…and its quite scarey as a new commer to go up against the big boy’s…



I’d get back in the cupboard and find another. You’ll need two for a race

lol…good point!!!