buy used

I am looking for a used bike. For the moment I found two bikes really nice BUT

first bike: 2007 R1 -> after calling and emailing, the guy wanted my money but he did not want to show me the bike in person (the bike is in Bristol). he said he was going to send me more photos. I asked for a number plate, but nothing. So I left it, I believe it is scum

second bike: 2007 R1. the bike is in Italy at the moment, and the guy can provide the bike with all the paperwork (to register the bike in another EU country - not in Italy), however the bike cannot be driven in Italy (price good, but very strange, so I stop with this as well)

if I buy a used from a private, what are my rights? how do I know that the bike was not stolen? I believe I should ask for number plate and documents, but then how do I check that they are not fake?


contact the dvla to check if there is anything outstanding on it check the vin number and find out as much as you can think it costs about £20

thanks, I found useful information at DVLA


I once tried to buy a bike off of ebay. funny enough an R1. ibid on three bikes all of which ended up in another country and not even existing. Be careful where you buy and anything suspicious . walk away. :slight_smile:

In the current market buy from a dealer, lots of deals around,keep yer dosh under the bed,lots of good finance deals test ,ride & warrenty,there are to many scams going on in private sales in all sorts of catergories theses days,i would never part with a pile of cash to someone i dont know for something i have not ridden.

Almost certainly both scams…leave well alone…:slight_smile:

Also, I don’t think the DVLA will give info on finance / total loss etc but plenty of companies do it for a few pounds… well worth paying for…