Buy My Space (RHRS)

Sorry to spam, but I’m gonna post this in both forums since it’s such late notice

Anybody interested in buying my space for Ron Haslam Race School tomorrow?
Had an off today and struggling to bend my knee so I’m not really sure if I’ll be able to ride tomorrow.

PM me and Sam if you’re interested!

Both forums? I think you just posted it on LB twice.

She meant the events and general chat sections :slight_smile:

some people venture out of the “latest” catagory

Oh yeh sorry, both SUB forums :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What happended with your ‘off’ - you okay? (bar knee of course) 

I’m alright
I hit the deck when I braked to avoid a people carrier pulling out of junction
I didn’t hit him and he didn’t hit me

That’s rotten luck. Best wishes.

Hope you aren’t too damaged or the bike, shame we won’t see you tomorrow, all the best for a speed recovery

That’s shite luck and shite timing. I hope you’re not hobbled for long and sis is more concerned about you than her bike!

GWS… ice it and strap it up tomorrow :wink:

Or ibuprofen gel might help, you can get it from boots. 10% stuff is the best.

Yes ibuprofen will help reduce swelling & icing will help; sounds painful so make sure you get it checked out properly.

Get well soon Slan

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve got ice on it, keeping it elevated and taking ibuprofen to keep the swelling down.
Ill be showing my mug either way tomorrow, either as a spectator or a rider :sweat_smile:
@Janey luckily she was, when I broke the news to her I was worried she was gonna track me down and finish me off :sob:

Poor you, get well soon.

Just wait till the sympathy wears off. Your in trouble!!!

Sorry to hear about your incident. Get better soon!

Get lots of rest and use plenty of Ibuprofen to make sure we see you on a bike tomorrow. You have to pull yourself together! :D

Sort your life out ruth x