Buy a helmet online

Looking for advice for a way to pick up a helmet online… I like the Shark RSX… found a site, I used to have one, I know what size I take… just looking for any links I can hit

Cheers Drei, I figured ebay was a dirty word in helmet selling Just picked one up for £75, £25 for the Iridium Visor too (I can get away with using that if i keep a clear with me ?) and £15 postage (10 and 5)


Only downside to helmets online, is the postie…

My postie has bene known to thorw packages around…not good for a helmet really…least not if you want it to do its job when you need it

I did think of that, and I mailed the seller… he’s posting it in the original box - it’s used, but the guy has nothing but good feedback, and claims he’s selling it because it doesn’t match his bike - ebay shows he just sold a blue bike, and bought a red one - so no reason to think he dropped it and was looking for a quick hit of money back

Cheers for the heads-up tho tobi

this always makes me laugh “how the post might damage it”…the fact that these lids are made thousands of miles away traveled oceans, flown in cargo planes,not to mention the logistic companies its “carefully” past through,every lid has been thrown kicked pushed dropped and knocked…(albeit in packaging)…so if you want a lid that has not been knocked bumped kicked or dropped you’ll have to go to the manufacturer and watch the process and bring it back with you

make sure you find out the manufacture date from the seller - some of these ‘bargains’ may be stale…

FFS… you buy a bike and quibble over f*ckin £15 for something that protects the one thing that will (suposedly) stop you from being a vegtable for the rest of your life…Wheres the Logic in that???

Helmets start from 39.99 in J&S - their brand new (haven’t had someone else’s sweat, dandruff, flaky scalps in them)

Now don’t get me wrong i want a bargain when i buy things (bikes with a bit extra off, new leathers during sale season etc, etc) but second hand helmet that would cost you an extra 20-30 pound to buy the same lid brand new - thats nuts… Theirs a few people on here that work for bike/clothing shops (ie egypt220, babyJ) that give LBers %15 off…go and see them!!

Would you buy a baby seat for you precious new baby from ebay when you know that its been used for that persons kid (unless new) for 2-4years and then if something happened and it diddn’t do what it was supposed to wish you’d just spent those few extra pounds on a new one!!!

Sorry to Rant but that is one logic i just can’t get my head around!!! (no personal attack or offence ment)


Never buy a helmet on line. never have one posted to you, only ever buy in a shop; you have no idea of the box was dropped by the parcel carrier (we used to boot the parcels into cages) and this is a ONE IMPACT safety item.

NEVER buy a used lid - you have no idea of it’s history, and his head may be a diffferent shape to yours and it may not fit properly. Original box? SO what? proves NOTHING at all.

As a CBT instructor, I IMPLORE you - NEVER buy a helmet through the post; EVER! Thank you.

Visors:- MUST have the EU 05 mark - iridium, mirrored, dark tints - all illegal, whether or not you have a clear one with you or not. None of these are 05 marked.

I BELIEVE that the max tint is 30% (I may be wrong) and that is daylight use only!

Visors are not required by law, but id used, they must, like goggels, have the EU05 mark.

3 points & £60 fine, I think it is - porkscratchin can possibly correct me if I am wrong…

Recently we have had a whole series of items “delivered” by being thrown over a six foot fence onto our concrete patio.

I’d take Paul600’s points about shipping lids to shops to dispute the claims that buying a lid from mail order is a bad thing…

But…I’d not buy a lid from ebay


Differance is drei - that yours are New on ebay - not used!!!

Sean. I agree with every thing you have just said. 100%.

What do you recon abouht this then? It’s J&S’s ebay feedback. Possibly the UK’s biggest online/mailorder helmet seller.

I must say though that buying a good lid ( arai/ shoei ) on ebay at a discounted rate does seem to make good sense. I could go into rant mode over this but I’m not sure LB members are ready for it!! LOL

Mail order/ebay is done from HQ - so i know nothing bout it - and J&S is not where i want to be working, i’m a bike salesman and want to get another bike sales role ASAP! But buying a 2nd hand lid just isn’t right!!!