Bus Lanes

Isn’t the 18 month trial period for us bikers using bus lanes about to end soon? If I recall correctly, it started in January 2009.

Anyone heard any whispers as to its success/failure?


“The trial for allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes on the Transport for London Road Network is due to finish on 5 July 2010.”


:unsure: the prospect of being kicked out of all the bus lanes (in my case, the A23), worries me greatly.

If we are kicked out of bus lanes we will protest by all getting pushbikes and doing a go-slow in the bus lanes, just to show which kind of bikes actually do hold up buses.

Yeah, of course you will… :doze:

Can’t help but wonder what all this Boris-bashing is aiming to achieve? Bear in mind that his only viable opponent in the next mayoral election race is pretty certain to be Ken Livingstone, a man who was vehemently opposed to allowing bikes into bus lanes in the first place & spent years trying to delay & suppress the findings of the initial trial that was positive for bikes to use them.

The phrase cutting off ones nose to spite ones face springs to mind…

All we can hope is that common sense prevails - difficult with Boris at the helm :stuck_out_tongue:

But all the saftey figures surely point to the fact that PTW’s should be allowed in bus lanes.

My own personal experience since commuting into London for many years is that bus lanes have made the journey much safer and much easier.

A couple of sections of A10 were narrowed to allow room for the bus lane, as a result filtering is at best hard work and at worst bloody dangerous. The cars also get their mirrors knocked routinely :wink:

Boris is clearly not pro-bike. He is driving his new pro-cycling scheme along the A24/A3. The thin blue line he has put in goes live in July. No one seems to know how the scheme works, but it confuses the hell out of drivers! The narrowing of the road causes major congestion that holds up bikes in Colliers Wood where the scheme starts. The narrowing of the road makes it much more dangerous to filter. The blue land halves the width of bus lanes meaning that cyclists think they own the bit of the bus lane that gives you greatest visibility etc. Cyclists are encouraged to be even more gobby - I had one who I had just let past me into a gap too narrow for me swearing at me for being in the blue lane even though there isn’t a blue lane on that section of road!

Boris plans to roll this out on all the red routes. The only silver lining is that the road has had major resurfacing work as a result of this so the surface has improved a lot in places. It costs £12m for the first two red troutes given this treatment. Cyclists hate the scheme BTW as they see it dangerous and pointless. As a motorcyclist, I see it as dangerous as it increases enourmously the interaction between motorcycles and cars on what was previously a long, wide straight road.