Bus Lane Fines

right I have got 3 fines from Lambeth council in the week starting 5th Jan when tfl changed the rules to allow us in their bus lanes…

idioit that I am i didnt realise that the lanes in question are not red route and are actually run by Lambeth and so have beeen hit with £180 of fines! safe to say i am not happy!

has anyone had a simliar problem and or appealed etc, what do you think my chances are if I appeal on the grounds the rules had just changed and I was not aware of the differences in bus lanes?

really dont want to pay this, considering tfl have allowed us in the bus lane why the hell dont the council follow suit…I think this is the answer…a sure cash cow they dont want to get rid off…

be warned, I got these from someone looking on CCTV, seems cameras are everywhere!

phuck!! :pinch:

dont think there is much you can do as i assume there was a sign prior to the buslanes that **didnt ** have a motorcycle - so you shouldnt have gone in.

Not much help i know, sorry :blink:

As what Pang said, all lanes, whether TFL or not will have signs saying whether bikes can use the lanes. Read them everywhere you go for regulations.

There are / were some routes listed on TFLs guides that didn’t have the signs changed until quite late. Still wise to check signage as even if a bus lane is listed but theres no sign there then you still can’t use it!Looks like an expensive lesson. :crying:


Sorry to hear that. It might be best to just chalk it up to experience…

You might as well appeal them… the fact that you got 3 in a short period of time underlines the fact that you were confused by the launch of the TFL trial. You could argue that the inability of TFL to update all their signs in time gives you a little cover… worst case offer to pay 1 and if they’ll cancel the other 2. If the issue is enforcement, I think one penalty is sufficient to teach you your lesson, anything more is punitive. If you’ve not had one from Lambeth before it’s also worth pointing that out!

Good Luck!

I got clobbered with 3 parking tickets when my residents parking permit expired and I hadnt noticed, but when I went to the Hackney parking office, explained and charmed them best I could, they let me off with just paying the one fine.

Yeah I just remembered this happening to me, my residents permit had expired and on 3 consecutive days I got given a ticket.

I appealed and got to pay one fine and the council waived the others. You’ve got nothing to lose by appealing and if successful then at least its not such an expensive lesson! Good luck, go for it.:slight_smile:

Sorry to hear this - it is certainly worth appealing.

As a matter of interest, which bus lanes were you caught in?

yes thanks for the ideas, i will defo appeal these,

the lanes inquestion were on acre lane going from clapham towardsa brixton and clapham park road, there is a filter lane for buses again heading from clapham to brixton and i was in there, its only about 300m long! not like I was causing a danger!

think the cameras are up high as they are not obvious at all

Lambeth are very hot on bus lane enforcement - they use the ordinary CCTV cameras.

Good luck! :wink: